Kindness to Animals

The sloka 2-52-102 killed 4 animals for sport has been objected in (Ramayana Blog). Objection is killing for sport. This is unkind to animals. These ethical attitudes are always changing. Ramayana is during the period of living by hunting. Not agriculture. Man is only ape who eats by hunting unlike other apes (Refer to naked Ape by Desmond Moris). As a King hunting is a regular requirement to fine tune their shooting skills. This cannot be called a ethical error. Man continues to hunt today in profession. Even in Sports commonly heard term is Killer instinct. That is why good sports men are offered good job as instinctively they take right decisions during difficulties. The modern attitudes of people like Menaka Gandhi are just ultruistic posture show oneself superior for political and social reasons. Karunanidhi can be explained as being kind to even enemy Ravana.

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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