Approach (Ramayana) with Respect

There are two types of people who access Ramayana. One is the faithful, who believe Rama is God. When they read Ramayana they see only salient points which are good, and which inspire them. They fail to see any anomalies in Rama’s behavior. Even if it pointed out by others they just brush aside such incongruities as atheistic chatter.
Now a days Many people do not even approach these subjects as we are turning out to be religious extremists. The religious preachers skip the controversial portions and keep the people ignorant. Very rarely we come across people who read Ramayana. I am excluding people who recite blindly. Especially as it is in Sanskrit the meaning is rarely perceived.
But there are some who want to know more about this work and are probing the meaning. These people also make the mistake of questioning the actions of Rama from modern perspective and come to wrong conclusions. There are many blogs which are doing it and are irritating the faithful.
This blog does not question but asks to know. It approaches with respect, and does not claim to be more faithful than Valmiki himself. It is ready to understand with introspection. You can join with your queries and doubts. Let us jointly first understand the Ramayana before coming to any false conclusions.
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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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