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20 Views on China India growth
This site rues about India’s slow growth compared to China’s scintillating performance. My reply
After reading the comments I am shocked by the cynicism in our country. 1+ trillion and freedom of speech is worth more than 4 trillion. Freedom of speech is just misused in India. Our media is worse than yellow journalism of the west. At the first word of corruption everybody wants the minister to be arrested and thrown into jail. Even judges play to the gallery by asking what has PM done to Subramanian Swamy’s letter. The letter asks for permission to arrest Minister based on paper cuttings. Why don’t you try something like this in China and see what happens. They will just roll tank over you and won’t count the bodies. The average age of the Chinese is very high and you will see in next few years they will have to import the Indians as Europeans and Americans are doing. We have already overtaken their rate of growth . The ‘gujus’ here do not show the actual growth rate whereas in china it is highly exaggerated. One example From Mongolia they import coal by Lorry for 240 Kms. There was a traffic jam and the entire lorries were standing for weeks together without movement. They have reached this 4 trillion with that much inefficiency. You don’t have to be a Engineer to calculate the energy required to transport the coal will be more than what the coal will produce. We still have the world’s largest Rail lines which are efficiently feeding ores even to china. No field that India has entered can china competes. Whether it is diamond, Software, Management et all. Most of the people who are writing these letters are young and they have not heard about Russia. They were standing shoulder to shoulder and staring eyeball to eyeball with America. Where are they now. With richest Diamond fields and oil fields and gold fields their GNP is less that of India.

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