Hue and cry about Raja

H ue and cry about Raja and 1,76,000Crore scandal One of my reply to spam mails in this regard
I don’t understand what this is all about. All the things that you are claiming was known then also. Only thing was the commis had backed out and Govt could not fight against the DMK After election that is why Balu was dropped he in his own way sabotaged our Infrastructure Plan. Raja’s name also came but as he was Scheduled caste Congress did not want to get directly against him. But from the 2nd govt. of UPA this was burning the only reason it has come forward is because Tamil Nadu election (It is all timing dude!) is coming. As the Election starts you will see lots of fireworks and for the first time Congress will be sitting in the MININSTERS post in Tamil Nadu. The way the PM has kept himself away shows he was fully aware of the scam from the beginning.
At that time Raja and secretaries were following the TRAI recommendation of not going for Auction. So Raja is on the clear. The reason he is going to give for low pricing is because the prices of call was to be kept low and rural areas have to be covered. Raja is a lawyer and you will find they will not be able to pin him on to anything.
Watch out for the TN election!!

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