Why Sugriva Not Vali Sloka List

These Slokas are for the article on Why Sugriva not Vali

Sloka Sanskrit English
3-72-4 स विधूय चिताम् आशु विधूमो अग्निर् इव उत्थितः |
अरजे वाससी बिभ्रत् मालाम् दिव्याम् महाबलः ||
In a trice that highly dynamic Kabandha zoomed up shoving off that pyre, and he is now attired in lily-white vestments and angelic garlands, and appeared like a fumeless fire.
3-72-7b,8 शृणु राघव तत्त्वेन यथा सीमाम् अवाप्स्यसि ||
राम षड् युक्तयो लोके याभिः सर्वम् विमृश्यते |
परिमृष्टो दश अन्तेन दश आभागेन सेव्यते ||
Oh, Raghava, how you will regain Seetha, that you listen from me in its essence… oh, Rama, by which and which analyses everything will be analysed, six of such ideations are available in this world… and when a person is touched down by a spell of nemeses, he shall adore one who is equally in such spell of nemesis…
3-72-10 तत् अवश्यम् त्वया कार्यः स सुहृत् सुहृदाम् वर |
अकृत्वा न हि ते सिद्धिम् अहम् पश्यामि चिन्तयन् ||
Oh, best among kind-hearted ones, thereby you have to certainly befriend such a soul in similar dire straits… however deeply I may think, I am not able to perceive your accomplishment if you do not befriended with such a soul…
3-72-13 वानरेन्द्रो महावीर्यः तेजोवान् अमित प्रभः |
सत्य संधो विनीतः च धृतिमान् मतिमान् महान् ||
He that Sugreeva is a masterful one among vanara-s, highly mettlesome, self-resplendent, and illimitable is his self-radiance… and he is also truth-bound and culture-bound… a mastermind, master-hand and a taskmaster…
3-72-14 दक्षः प्रगल्भो द्युतिमान् महा बल पराक्रमः |
भ्राता विवासितो वीर राज्य हेतो महात्मना ||
He is a capable adventurer, a courageous exploiter and incomparable one in intrepidity and a brave one in incursions, and his personality will be coruscating ever and anon, for he is the son of Sun-god… but he is banished by his self-conceited brother owing to the reasons of kingdom…
3-72-18b-19 न च ते सो अवमन्तव्यः सुग्रीवो वानर अधिपः ||
कृतज्ञः काम रूपी च सहाय अर्थी च वीर्यवान् |
You shall not look down on that lord of monkeys taking him as a lowly simian, why because that Sugreeva is a valiant one, a guise changing wizard and presently he is in the need of a bolsterer, and if you render help he will be obligated to you for ever…

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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