Ramayana Novel?

Many readers who read western books such as Arthur Haily’s etc. will be surprised as to how Ramayana is written. In the Hailiy’s books the reader jumps from various situations and characters who meet almost at the end in a climax like situation. But In Ramayana The reader is always travelling with a character.
In Bala Kanda When Vishwamitra comes the reader travels with him till Seetha marriage and go to Ayodya with Rama. In Ayodya Kanda when Rama is sent to Forest. The reader goes with Sumanthara the charioteer. Return to Ayodya after dropping Rama in forest. Then again go with Sumanthara to fetch Bharatha. Then go with Bharatha to meet Rama. Then Go With Rama till Kishkinda Kanda. Then Go with Hanuman and finish Sundara Kanda. And Then Go with Rama till Yudha Kanda end.
Another Unique feature of this book is the author is just carrying a camera and shows us what is happening and records all statements. Does not say what the characters are thinking. This leads many to interpret as they like and where reasoning is not satisfactory quote from other scriptures to justify or interpolate arguments. But the way Valmiki has written he has given enough hints to come to correct conclusion. The blogger thinks Valmiki Ramayana should be understood and then only Criticized.

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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