WikiPour? Cats and Dogs

WikiPour? Yes not Leaking, but Pouring. That also cats and Dog. At least now I know the meaning of pouring cats and dogs. It is really becoming a cat and dog fight. India has been spared or not scratched yet. Only damaging thing is Pakistan presupposing that India will not react to 26/11 or for that matter even Parliament attack by terrorists. Why? Why will not India react? The opposition (BJP) says because of Congress party’s spineless behavior. But then During Parliament attack also the BJP did not react instead they went for Samjautha express.
Funny? Not exactly. I have been Tracking Pakistan India Relations for more than 45 Years. Pakistan is always score brownie points over India Tactically. But strategically It is always a disaster. In Early 50s and 60 Pakistan was under delusion that India as country will collapse as it was multi lingual and multi cultural and historically such a country never existed. But their experiment with Democracy led to Breaking away of Bangladesh and proved that Islam in itself cannot be binding force. Then under threat of further breaking they adopted anti Indian stance vehemently else their military had no purpose. And without military Pakistan will further break to pieces. The way they are accusing India of interference in Baluchistan it is clear that the recipe for disaster is on the cook. More on India’s defense strategy.

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