List of Slokas of Financial Wizard Rama Ensnared

These Slokas are for the article on Financial Wizard Rama Ensnared?

Sloka Sanskrit English
3-40-18 सौवर्णः त्वम् मृगो भूत्वा चित्रो रजत बिन्दुभिः ||
आश्रमे तस्य रामस्य सीतायाः प्रमुखे चर |
प्रलोभयित्वा वैदेहीम् यथा इष्टम् गन्तुम् अर्हसि ||
On becoming an amazing silver-potted golden deer you move in front of Seetha in the hermitage of Rama, and on verily alluring Vaidehi you can go away as you like.
3-40-19 त्वाम् हि माया मयम् दृष्ट्वा कांचनम् जात विस्मया |
आनय एनम् इति क्षिप्रम् रामम् वक्ष्यति मैथिली ||
On seeing you as a wholly illusory golden deer curiosity arises in Vaidehi, and indeed she tells Rama, ‘bring that one quickly
3-40-20 अपक्रान्ते च काकुत्स्थे दूरम् च यात्वा अपि उदाहर |
हा सीते लक्ष्मणे इति एवम् राम वाक्य अनुरूपकम् ||
Further, on Rama’s coming out of his hermitage you go distantly and blurt out in this way, ‘ha Seetha’ and even as, ‘ha, Lakshmana,’ mimicking Rama’s voice.
3-43-9 एवम् ब्रुवाणम् काकुत्स्थम् प्रतिवार्य शुचि स्मिता |
उवाच सीता संहृष्टा चद्मना हृत चेतना ||
While Lakshmana of Kakutstha-s is speaking thus, she who is self-satisfied as her heart is conjured by the cozenage, such a Seetha of a toothy smile deterred him and spoke.
3-43-23 एवम् सीता वचः श्रुत्वा दृष्ट्वा च मृगम् अद्भुतम् ||
लोबितः तेन रूपेण सीताया च प्रचोदितः |
उवाच राघवो हृष्टो भ्रातरम् लक्ष्मणम् वचः ||
In this way, hearing the words of Seetha and observing that wondrous deer Raghava is also amused by its form, and even motivated by Seetha in fetching it, he delightedly spoke this word to his brother Lakshmana
3-43-33 तत् सारम् अखिलम् नॄणाम् धनम् निचय वर्धनम् |
मनसा चिन्तितम् सर्वम् यथा शुक्रस्य लक्ष्मण ||
Everything of that wealth from forest produce will be filling the treasuries of kings, like the speculated objects filling the entire treasury of Shukra just by his thinking of them in his mind.
2-1-26 सत्संग्रहप्रग्रहणे स्थानविन्निग्रहस्य च |
आयकर्मण्युपायज्ञः संदृष्टव्ययकर्मवित् ||
He identified good men and protected them. He knew the people worthy of reprimand. He knew the ways and means of getting income as well as the system of spending, as perceived by economic sciences.

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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