India did this country ever exist?

This is a question that used to confound many in 1950s. Pakistan assumed the fall of India and based its foreign policy on anti Indian platform. Many in India had little doubt about the infallibility of Indian state. The difference were of course exaggerated but everybody knew that it is not going to fall apart. Its inherent strength was obvious to all in India but outside it was an enigma. Different language, Different culture, Even the script of writing was very different. So how could it combine into one entity? So back to our question, did it ever exist as one entity ever.
By western standards there never was a single governmental entity. There never was one king who ruled the whole of India. But it was linked by cultural ethos that was common and strongly binding. Here is one proof of it.
In the 6th century A.D. a Namboodri from Kerala established advaitha philosophy, which stressed on the Upanishads (Vedantha – end of Vedas, means last portion of Vedas) and put an end to Karmamarga which involved Vedic activities such as Homa (Fire worship) and other activities to realize various goals both mundane and exotic. This process of establishing the advaitha sect was done by travelling to various places and involving in Debates with local Pandits and religious Gurus. This was achieved by ‘tharka shastra’ (debating science). These Debates were based on Vedas. Though Shankara died at the age of 32 he travelled and established Shankar mutts all over India.
This establishes that this country had a strong bondage based on religion. The language Sanskrit was common communication language and can be used to travel wide establish contact. The map shows how the mutts were established in East North West and South, demarcating the extend of a single entity with common culture and religion. So to answer the question – Yes a single country existed even before 6th century A.D. May not be centrally administered but with common bondage.

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