Rama’s Character List

Whenever character description of Rama is taken everyone will Refer to Balakanda where Valmiki asks Narada about a perfect person etc. (कः नु अस्मिन् सांप्रतम् लोके गुणवान् कः च वीर्यवान् |
धर्मज्ञः च कृतज्ञः च सत्य वाक्यो धृढ व्रतः || १-१-२)
Narada’s reply describing Rama is taken up. But this is not part of Valmiki Ramayana and is only a preamble. So we do not consider any portion of first 4 sargas as mentioned in Ramayana Page of this Blog. Then In Ramayana itself Rama’s character is described in Ayodyakanda sarga 1. I have enumerated below the characters with sloka Nos. and tried to link it with actual examples from Ramayana. The 3rd. columns will be filled in due course. And below the actual sloka with the meanings are given to refer to.
This has been done with specific purpose that Rama is very much a human character which will guide us in our life by emulating and understanding. So many postings that will come under Rama a human character will refer to these characteristics and help us in pinpointing and understanding.

Character Trait Sloka # Reference Situation
Warrior Class Valorous 9 ,13
Expert Archer 20

Even when Rama was at the age of 12 Vishwamitra relies on him to drive away great demons like Maareecha. On the way to ashram Rama fights a ferocious battle with Taka and kills her.

Intelligent Wise man 13
Not interested in wasteful actions 17
Economic Knowledge 27
Scholar, Science of Archery 20 ,25, 29


Intra-Personal Behavior Peaceful in Mind 10
Soft Spoken 10

Even when Kaikeyi dropped a bomb and removed Rama from becoming King and asked him to go to forest for 14 years he spoke to her softly and responded positively to the demand.

Does not remember bad things done to him 11
Always took time to speak to elders. 12
Speaks sweetly 13
First to initiate Talk 13
Not Arrogant 13


Humble 23

When hanuman approaches Rama and Lakshmana, Lakshmana boasts about the character, and royal bearings of Rama but humbly request the help of Sugriva by saying शरणम्, शरणम्, शरणम्.

Loved People 14
Compassionate 15
Conquering Anger 15
Worshiped elders, Wise 15
Social rank consciousness 16
Eloquent Speaker 17
Understanding Others fast 18
Hid his feelings 23
Never humiliated others 30
Ethical Righteous 16
Sloka Sanskrit English
2-1-09 स हि रूपोपपन्नश्च वीर्यवाननसूयकः |
भूमावनुपमः सूनुर्गणैर्धशरथोपमः ||
Rama was beautiful in form, a hero of valor and without envy. By virtues, he was like Dasaratha. In this way, he was an incomparable son on earth.
2-1-10 स च नित्यं प्रशान्तात्मा मृदुपूर्वं तु भाषते |
उच्यमानोऽपि परुषं नोत्तरं प्रतिपद्यते ||
That Rama was always peaceful in mind and spoke softly. He did not react to the hard words spoken by others.
2-1-11 कथंचिदुपकारेण कृतेनै केन तुष्यति |
न स्मरत्यपकाराणां शतमप्यात्मवत्तया ||
That Rama, because of his good bent of mind, feels glad even by whatever way a good thing is done to him. He does not remember any number of bad things done to him.
2-1-12 शीलवृद्धै र्ज्ञानवृद्धैर्वयोवृद्धैश्च सज्जनैः |
कथयन्नास्त वैनित्य मस्त्रयोग्यान्तरेष्वपि ||
Whenever he finds some time even while practising archery, Rama used to converse with elderly people, elder by way of conduct or wisdom or age or with good- natured people.
2-1-13 बुद्धिमान् मधुराभाषी पूर्वभाषी प्रियंवदः |
वीर्यवान्न च वीर्येण महता स्वेन विस्मितः ||
Rama was a wise man. He used to speak sweetly. He was the first man to initiate a talk. His speech was compassionate. He was valorous. But he was not arrogant of his mighty valor.
2-1-14 न चानृतकथो विद्वान् वृद्धानां प्रतिपूजकः |
अनुरक्तः प्रजाभिश्च प्रजाश्चाप्यनुरज्यते ||
He did not speak untruth. He was all knowing. He used to be receptive and worshipful to the elders. People used to love him and he used to love the people.
2-1-15 सानुक्रोशो जितक्रोधो ब्राह्मणप्रतिपूजकः |
दीनानुकम्पी धर्मज्ज़्नो नित्यं प्रग्रहवान् शुचिः ||
He had compassion. He conquered anger. He used to be receptive and worshipful to the wise. He had mercy towards the meek. He knew what was to be done. He had always self-control. He was clean (in conduct).
2-1-16 कुलोचितमतिः क्षात्रं धर्मं स्वं बहुमन्यते |
मन्यते परया कीर्त्य महत्स्वर्गफलं ततः ||
That Rama, having an attitude suitable for his social rank, giving due respect to righteousness of warrior-class, believed that by following the righteousness he would attain great fame and through it the fruit of heaven.

2-1-17 नाश्रेयसि रतो विद्वान्न विरुद्धकथारुचिः |
उत्तरोत्तरयुक्तौ च वक्ता वाचस्पति र्यथा ||
Rama was not interested in actions, which were not beneficial. He was a scholar. He had no taste in tales opposing righteousness. Like v�chaspathi, his eloquent speech contained a series of strategies for action.
2-1-18 अरोगस्तरुणो वाग्मी वपुष्मान् देशकालवित् |
लोके पुरुषसारज्ञस्साधुरेको विनिर्मितः ||
Rama was a young man without any disease. He was a good speaker. He had a good body. He knew both time and place. He could grasp the essence of men. He was the one gentleman born on earth.
2-1-20 सम्यग्विद्याव्रतस्नातो यथावत्साङ्गवेदवित् |
इष्वस्त्रे च पितुः श्रेष्ठो बभूव भरताग्रजः || २-१-२०
After completing his education properly, Rama, after knowing the science of archery as prescribed, was better than his father in the use of bow and arrows.
2-1-21 कल्याणाभिजनः साधुरदीनः सत्यवागृजुः |
वृद्धैरभिविनीतश्च द्विजैर्धर्मार्थदर्शिभिः ||
Rama, having born in a good clan, was gentle minded. He was not feeble. He spoke truth. He was straightforward. He was properly trained by elderly wise men that knew righteousness.
2-1-22 धर्मकामार्थतत्त्वज्ञः स्मृतिमान् प्रतिभानवान् |
लौकिके समयाचारे कृतकल्पो विशारदः ||
Rama knew the real form of desire, wealth and righteousness. He had a good memory power. He had a spontaneous wisdom. He had skills in arranging customs useful to society prevalent at that time.
2-1-23 निभृतः संवृताकारो गुप्तमन्त्रः सहायवान् |
अमोघक्रोधहर्षश्च त्यागसंयमकालवित् ||
Rama was humble. He did not let his feelings appear outwardly. He kept his thoughts to himself. He helped others. His anger and pleasure were not wasteful. He knew when to give and when not to give.


दृढभक्तिः स्थिरप्रज्ञो नासद्ग्राही न दुर्वचाः |
निस्तन्द्रिरप्रमत्तश्च स्वदोषपरदोषवित् ||
Rama had a firm devotion and steadfast mind. He was not stubborn nor did he speak evil words. He was free from idleness and was ever alert. He recognized his own errors and those of others.
2-1-25 शास्त्रज्ञश्च कृतज्ञश्च पुरुषान्तरकोविदः |
यः प्रग्रहानुग्रहयोर्यथान्यायं विचक्षणः ||
Rama knew the theory and practice of sciences. He understood the differences among men. He could judiciously discriminate whom to protect and whom to punish.
2-1-26 सत्संग्रहप्रग्रहणे स्थानविन्निग्रहस्य च |
आयकर्मण्युपायज्ञः संदृष्टव्ययकर्मवित् ||
He identified good men and protected them. He knew the people worthy of reprimand. He knew the ways and means of getting income as well as the system of spending, as perceived by economic sciences.
2-1-27 श्रैष्ठ्यं शास्त्रसमूहेषु प्राप्तो व्यामिश्रकेषु च |
अर्थधर्मौ च संगृह्य सुखतन्त्रो न चालसः ||
Rama could obtain great skill in the groups of sciences along with their subsidiaries. He was interested in enjoying comforts only after understanding the economic realities. He never remained inactive.
2-1-28 वैहारिकाणां शिल्पानां विज्ञातार्थविभागवित् |
आरोहे विनये चैव युक्तोवारणवाजिनाम् ||
Rama was acquainted with the fine arts useful for entertainment. He knew how to distribute the wealth. He was efficient in riding and taming of elephants and horses.
2-1-29 धनुर्वेदविदां स्रेष्ठो लोकेऽतिरथसंमतः |
अभियाता प्रहर्ता च सेनानयविशारदः ||
Rama was the best of persons knowing the science of archery in the world; and was well appreciated by the champions of archery. He attained skills in marshalling the army. He faced and killed the enemies in battle.
2-1-30 अप्रधृष्यश्च संग्रामे क्रुद्धैरपि सुरासुरैः |
अनसूयो जितक्रोधो न दृप्तो न च मत्सरी |
न चावमन्ता भूतानां न च कालवशानुगः ||
Even enraged celestials and demons could not defeat Rama in battle. He had no jealousy. He conquered anger. He had no arrogance and envy. He had not humiliated any living being. He had not surrendered to time.

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  1. ramana
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    there is an error. Please rectify it.
    At the trait of SOFT SPOKEN you have written that Kausalya dropped a bomb….
    But it should be Kaikeyi.


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