Kausalya the Miser

Valmiki goes to extreme extend of charactering a person. Sometimes just 1 word is only available to show ones character. Unless one is hyper alert it will be missed.Kausalya being a miser is one such. Manthara when she sees the people of Ayodya in jubilant mood asks a house maid what is happening and why Kausalya the miser is doing lavish charity

उत्तमेनाभिसंयुक्ता हर्षेणार्थपरा सती |
राममाता धनं किं नु जनेभ्यः संप्रयच्छति | २-७-८

Why is Kausalya giving away money to people so delightfully today in charity, even though she is badly lured of money?

The word is ‘अर्थपरा सती”. Many Preachers omit such nuances in character due to hero worshiping of Rama. But in the process they bring the great epic of Ramayana from its high pedestal of Greatest work.

Contributed by Rema(रमा) A K

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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