Hinduism when under attack

India is a cultural island. Its behavior can be seen by its religious precepts.
Zoroastrianism: They also respected other religion without any partiality. For example the only place in the world where Zoroastrianism flourishes is in India. A very few people who flew from Islamic onslaught in Iran came to India and not only survived but flourished. Known as Parsis some of them like JRD Tata became Bharat Ratna. The most powerful Indian Prime minister’s husband also happened o be a Parsi.
Jews: Similarly the only place where Jews flourished was in India. Many of them who went to Israel for livelihood refused to turn up their Indian passport.
Buddhism: Similarly Buddhism which originated in India could not survive here in spite of patronage from king Ashoka and others though it prevailed in Japan, Korea, Ceylon and other south eastern countries. In India its precepts were accepted into Hinduism and thus according to the historian Sardar Pannikar it swallowed Buddhism.
Jainism: Jainism got merged into Hinduism and even now Jains worship on diwali the goddess Lakshmi. Thus Hinduism had a flexible attitude which could
Islam: But when the onslaught came from Islam they started modifying it and accommodating religious concepts for the mere purpose of survival. Many religions which were on the way of Islam such as Zoroastrians etc. perished due to their incompatibility. Look at the map of world in this posting you will find the Islam is well entrenched from Turkey to Pakistan. Then again from Bangladesh right up to Indonesia except for Java. What happened to India? Were they not able to conquer? Of course they not only conquered but also ruled us for 400 years. Not that they did not penetrate, Tippu Sultan came right up to Palghat a district in Kerala. India’s largest Muslim population district is in southernmost tip of India called Malapuram. Then what happened. It is the flexibility of Hinduism that Muslims were allowed to rule but not convert.
Christianity: Same with Christianity. They ruled us for 200 years but the % of Christians is almost negligible. This is not because the Christianity is not acceptable. In fact the Kerala Christians were converted way back (St.Thomas) even before Christianity went to Rome.
Hinduism has undergone change many times due to onslaught of other religions. The original concepts of Hinduism are really very intricate and sound both for the society and the individual. In fact a detailed study of this aspect is yet to be done in scholastic studies. Thus India accepted all religion and also withstood their onslaught but compromised and had to change losing their original vitality. Here are some examples.
1. Concept of charity.

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