God IS Null

Many people seeing the religious fights and segregations detest religion itself and turn to be atheists. We can see many people trying to vote for All gods are same etc. This just cliché talk without understanding the basic things. Naturally young people forsake their parents religious practices and become atheists and suddenly start running after some baba’s or pseudo godmen. These godmen in turn utilize these oprtunities and become not only rich, gain even political strength. You can look around and find many of them. This error in understanding religion originates from the aspect that our brain also acts as computer. It is easy to explain this anomaly in computer language.
First let me explain what is Null in Computer language. Null is an undefined variable. Variable is a item which can take any value. For example Y is a variable. In computer language if you want to define Y then you say
Dim Y
Now the value of Y is null. Not zero. Null cannot be processed. For example we know that 5 x 0=0
But 5 x null is nothing. We can make Y take any value by saying Y = 5 but if you want to make Y take the value of null you have to say Y is null. Not Y =null
While defining Y we say Dim Y that means Y is a variable but not yet defined.
So if we say Dim X;Dim Y; Dim z; and then let X=Y=Z then computer will fail and give complier error.
Instead if we say Dim X int(5); Dim Y Int(7); and Dim Z int(9) then say let X=Y=Z then all variable value will change to 9 i.e., X=Y=Z=9.
If you have understood this far then it is easy to explain god. God is a null value in our brain. Same as ghost. So if we say Dim Jesus;Dim Allah; Dim Ram; and then say Allah=Jesus=Ram then it is an error and our computer ( brain ) will fail. So if we can define our god perfectly then we will understand, yes all gods are same. Until then claiming all gods are same is just a fad. Which will evaporate after some time, and run after demi gods. Hinduism explains these things by simple stories. Understand Ramayana and you will get all answers.
Religion is a process of understanding god. You cannot piggyback ride on somebody else’s experiences. You will have to tred this path alone.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zezebel
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 09:07:38

    yep, agree that all God is the same


  2. m.k.subramanian
    May 18, 2011 @ 07:29:11

    Good. Interesting reading. Thanks.


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