What is Cultural Island?

This blog name is Cultural Island. What is Cultural Island? Or what island? Island is a place surrounded by barrier (water). So it means India is surrounded by barrier and the surrounding culture does not permeate. Why? I don’t know. But let us see? Is it true? When India got independence the surrounding countries also got independence. Pakistan, Nepal, Ceylon etc. Many thought India will break to pieces as it seemed to have large mass and no definite equilibrium. Languages were different, (see rupee note photo) not only that the languages script were also different. Nobody could read at best than 3 languages. That in a country where 80% were illiterate. Culture was different, religions were different (see Hinduism when under attack). Within Hinduism itself there are many casts which again were more rigid than religion itself. The ground was ideal for multifarious split. But after 60 years see what is the position.
Pakistan has become a failed state. It has split into two as Pakistan and Bangladesh In fact it was created by British to handle India. But today British soldiers are dying to Pakistani bullets in Afghanistan. In fact it has become a threat to western world. India is least bothered, or so it seems. Why? Is it Because of the barrier? When Pakistan made a tactical move to introduce Khalistan, it seemed to be succeeding but in the end it just petered off. Of course we lost our PM (Indira Gandhi) and now we have a Pakistani Migrant Punjabi as our PM.
Ceylon: Culturally split, with protracted war. Though India would have had side effect as Tamil is one of the most important Southern Indian Language, it again lost one PM (Rajiv Gandhi) but was contained. This shows clearly the existence of barrier through which our neighbour’s problems are not able to permeate.
Nepal: In major quandary due to Marxists attack. Again no effect on India or on its borders to the state of Nepal.
Bangladesh: Though its creation was done by Indian involvement its has marginal effect in India.
So for the very reason it should be in difficulties India is progressing un hindered because it is large and divergent. Its neighbours though are splitting and crumbling for exactly opposite reasons.

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