Pakistan or Khakistan?

What ails Pakistan: Many in India are surprised by the Suicidal course that Pakistan is taking. Whereas USA may dither from attacking Pakistan India defeated the Pakistan Army in 1971. Yes with the full support of Local Citizens of east Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But USA could launch similar war with the support of Baluchistan. Thus isolating NW frontiers from Pakistan and occupy NW Frontier. After that splitting of Punjab and Sind is just a formality. Is Pakistan not aware of this or are they complacent about it. Why did Pakistan come to such state?
The liberating of India from British rule and separating the Islamic state from India has created anomaly which got never addressed. NW frontier was always a ungovernable state. Pakistan let it pass by unconcerned. Also the society which was clannish was kept under leash through Army. In India the Army was multi lingual and spread out from different regions but in Pakistan it was Punjabi dominated. The army’s only role was to keep Pakistan united. So when ever fissiparous tendencies raised its head army had to show external threat and raised Indian Bogey. Caught in this charade the Army’s constantly raised Indian bogey and went to the extent of denigrating their own govt. and repeatedly snatched power. So the Indian bogey was created not only to keep the fissiparous tendencies but also to get the reward of power. Finally within 60 years whereas India had built strong Institutional powers Pakistan had only one power the Army. Almost all democratic bases were sidelined and weakened. Whereas India slowly ended the feudalistic society Everything that Pakistan was doing was to perpetuate feudalism. Now to this the Army foolishly crated a religious fanaticism (Taliban) with the intention of intervening in Afghanistan. This religious Frankenstein is now almost swallowing Pakistan and army is its victim. The religious extremism united the mullahs and the rural poor and built and powerful Religious extremism that even the Army is threatened and incapable of solving the problem which in the first place they were supposed to contain. 60+ years of wrong track for a new country has made Pakistan a ‘Khakistan’ ( Pak= Pure ; Khak = Dirt).

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