Manmohan & Aesop

Manmohan Singh is under attack. One comment is that he is the weakest PM till Date. There is a tale in Aesop’s fables that fits his cap (Turban).
Once upon a time the Frogs in the pond were praying for a King. One day down came a log of wood with a splash. All the frogs were happy and let the log roam around the pond majestically. One day a frog ling went near the log and was scolded by the elders for disrespectful behavior to the King Log. But as time passed by many daring frog lings went nearer and nearer to the Log until one day one enterprising one jumped on top of the log. All the frogs were stunned and speechless. But lo and behold nothing happened. As time passed by many frogs started jumping on the log and its royal aura was defiled. Now all the frogs were unhappy and started praying for another more active King. They were answered by a sudden splash of landing of a Stork. The frogs were happy. But their elite was short lived until the Crane started gobbling the frogs one by One. The Frogs were in quandary they thought King Log was docile but harmless. And started feeling king Log was far better than the King Stork.
Many in Opposition feel Manmohan is King Log and would have preferred to have King stork –Indira Gandhi. But what else can you expect from Opposition who are all Frogs (मेण्डूक)

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