Indian Middle class – Troglodytes (Idiots)

A Raja was sentenced as corrupt by the Indian Media and the middle class (so called educated). It is the job of Accountant general to find fault in executive decisions which will be probed by PAC in Loksabha headed by opposition leader. Till date Accts. general has found no tangible scandals. Even in Boffor’s case they made drastic statements which did not stand to scrutiny.
In the case of Raja he is accused of doing something which he is bound to do. 2G could not have been auctioned without TRAI approval. Look at our call charges before Raja and now. Is has crashed. Don’t we need to thank him for this? More than 80 companies which got the spectrum are yet to utilize it. Why would somebody pay such huge bribes to get something and not sell it and make money? Look at the share prices of Telecom companies.

Share 2008 2010 Percentage
Bharthiartl 450 337 -25.11
Idea 111 71 -36.03
MTNL 107 51 -52.33
Rcom 600 132 -78
Tatacomm 525 255 -51.42
And now see how Sensex has moved it is +100% i.e., Doubled
sensex 10000 20000 +100

They have crashed. So what benefit did they get by paying bribe. No the middle class idiots are not going to see this. Why did this scandal breakout. Congress objected to DMK ministers in the UPA II they accepted Raja with reluctance. Then kept on needling him. 6 months back Karunanidhi went and threatened Sonia if she takes action against Raja. Exactly 3 months before the election to TN this scandal breaks out. And now DMK has nobody in the ministry (Alagiri is for name sake, Maran you know -Maran hoping to head DMK against Karunanidhi’s siblings). Don’t forget Congress has been tapping phones of anybody and everybody when Raja was giving spectrum to one and all. Secretary to Home minister has threatened a lot more will be reveled if all the tapes are opened. So they are waiting for what?
So TN election will reveal most now. Wait and watch when this explodes.
But one thing is revealed, Indian middle class are just Troglodytes

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. K.Varadarajan
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:18:41

    Yes, what you is right. Supposing that to get Ministerial berth in TN assembly Congress may do things to Karunanithi’s advantage. In that case also, only the middle class will have to suffer after the elections?

    Nothing can be predicted.


  2. Sara Smith
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 00:03:32

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  3. Katherine Meetington
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 21:27:30

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