My father came as crow!!

Vivekananda talks about kitchen religion. Where many nuances of Hinduism are trampled and ladies without understanding the karmas give their own meaning. One such case is in shradham where many unequivocally claim that father/mother came as crow. Here are the actual truth see how wrong they are.
Significance of Shradham. It should be understood that there is difference between attaining Moksha and going to Swargam (often confused). Only realized soul ( realizing that one is Brahman) gets Moksha. Other go to different lokas (worlds) like Chandra Lokam, Indra Lokam, Vaikumtam, Kailasam, Brahma Lokam etc. All the lokams are within the samskaram. So also the world we are living.
मित्या जगत् अधिष्ठानाय़ै नमः ( refer to Laithasahasranamam)
So there is no going to Moksha. It is realizing the Mithya (The climax scene of Matrix is the best example). Now amongst smaskaras, ( Vyavahara state) we perform shradha, take bath going to temple etc. After death the son performs Aparakarma and performs yearly (प्रत्याब्दिक) shradham. If the actions of deceased (कर्म) are not adequate to send the deprived soul to these auspicious Lokams then the Karmas performed by the authorized person only (not unauthorized person) like son if there is son else grandson from daughter etc. will accrue to the deceased jivathma and lift them to these auspicious lokams. Un authorized persons doing shradham for near relatives etc is waste and is even sinful. Example the husband can do nothing to deceased wife. But there is an exception here. At Gaya and Badrinath Brahma Kapalam ( a huge Rock) Sradham can be performed for anybody. Even for pets which should be yours. Only restriction mamakara ( My cow, my dog, my uncle etc.)
Whereas the person to whom we do shrada is purported to come in the form of brahmin he is supposed to be brought by Visvwdevas.Hence we feed both the person to whom we do shrada and also to vishvedeva. But many ladies distort this fact and say that mother or father came as crow. This is not correct. There are many who do not have decedents to perform shradha in our family and it is they who come as crow. We are feeding (vayasa pindam ) The sloka is as follows. for people who die in fire or in rivers without any decendents etc.
ये अग्नि दग्धेभ्यः ये च अनग्निदग्धा ये व जाते कुले मम भूमौ दत्तेन पिन्डे़न
तृप्त यान्तु परगति
ये के च अस्मत्
कुले जाता अपला गोत्रजा मृताः
ते ग्रुण्हन्त्तु मया दत्तं वस्ल निष्पीडिनोदकं

Similarly water is given to them
लता वृक्षेषु गुल्मेषु वर्तन्ति पितरो मम तेषा आप्यानार्था तु इदमस्तु शिखोदकम्
This is not done by sons whose father is still alive.
Hence it wrong to say that father/mother came as Crow.

……..contributed by M H Gopalakrishnan

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  1. gopalaswamy
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 15:47:30

    Sri Vivekananda cannot be considered as the embodiment of knowledge in respect of karma.he has his own interpretation.The authority is only Sankara mattam or you can get correct position from the sheshadhri natha sasthrigal . you better write to sankara tv to clarify before you write any thing in the forum for if you are wrong you will be instrumental n spreading wrong notions and interpretation. .to my knowledge ,Pithru means not only your father but also your ancestral died blood relatives. so giving sikodhakam is not for your living father but for expired grand father also vayasa pindam is for the same people


    • mghariharan
      Feb 03, 2011 @ 16:41:01

      Vivekananda was said only to highlight the Kitchen version of our religion. I have not quoted Vivekananda any where. Many of the things such as only authorised person alone can do Shradam were quoted by Paramacharya himself. This was for a specific case when enquired. Other things I have quoted the Slokas itself. If you or any body have any objection please come out with what exactly you are objecting. Pitru’s etc as told by you are correct as we say it in manthra itself as to whom we are doing the shradham ( Matru Pabithamaha etc.). Please see the sloka before giving the vayasa pindam and then clarify.


  2. lakshmi
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 16:20:24



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  6. K.Varadarajan
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 21:47:32

    Excellent website. All your postings are worth praising. Heither too unknown are known now and one among them is ” My father came as a crow”. Since I was a child I was told like that, I believed, and to our children also told similarly. Now, knowing the actial meaning shall pass on.

    Every article is pregnant with meaning. About “Pada Pooja”..Please continue to shower with your valuable postings/ articles.


    • mghariharan
      Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:13:27

      Thank you sir this is good encouragement. Not that if you criticise I wont welcome it. Incidently This posting is what my father told me the credit should go to him.
      I have seen him hungry and frail waiting for the priests who many times fail to turn up and I go rushing to fetch them and many time I have seen him obediently refusing to compromise on anything. Like all, I also thought this is all foolish. But the point is if you belive it do it faithfully with humility. else stop doing it.


      • K.Varadarajan
        Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:24:06

        During some of the Sradham for our father done at Mumbai ( Andheri), I was waiting and waiting but no crow came. I thought that father was not happy with the sradham done by us …etc., I wept..

  7. Krishnan Srinivasaraghavan
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 15:06:55

    According to Vaishnavism, attaining moksha is by surrendering totally to lord Vishnu and dedicate all the actions and thoughts to him. While I agree with most of what you had written on Srardham, your interpretation of “Vaikundam” as just one of the “lokams” is factually incorrect. For Vaishnavites, the departed soul attains Moksham only when it reaches Vaikundam.


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