Simple Ecological Story

One person used pray daily Chitragupta (St. Peter version in Hinduism). After bath he used to say chitragupatayanamaha (Rsepects to Chitragupta). And then continues with his daily chore unperturbed. This went on for many years. One day a person came to him and asked him why is he praying to Chitragupta. The man said as he (the Chitragupta) is keeping account of his sins he will help him after death. This was a surprise as the person who was enquiring as he himself was Chitragupta. Chitragupta identified himself and said that he was helpless as his job was only to keep the account of Vice and Virtue. This was shocking information for Chitragupta bhaktha. Because all along the life he has been sinning and was rest assured that Chitragupta will save him in the end. So he pleaded with Chitragupta to do something so that he will not go to hell. Chitragupta said that hardly a few days were left before his death and nothing much could be done. But on repeated imploring, he suggested the man to dig a pond in his area. The man immediately arranged to dig a pond and was satisfied to see abundant water in the pond. Within a few days he died and met his maker. Chitragupta obediently counted all the sins the man had committed and said he deserves to be in hell for long time. On enquiring further about any good deed the man had done it was told that he had dug a pond, where 2 cows had drank water for which he just deserves to be in heaven for 2 days. The man opted heaven first and then a long period in hell. But within these two days in heaven, many more animals and men had used the pond and his period in heaven was going on increasing. Thus the man remained in heaven permanently as the pond was serving many living beings and his virtue was getting added.
This story shows the need of pond as ecological balance which serves humanity in different ways. Surprisingly nowadays most of the ponds are neglected and municipal water served though overhead tanks and pipelines is overtaking the need of ponds and selfish man is just taking care of himself and bird and animals are slowly becoming extinct from his surroundings. Many ponds are being converted into plots for buildings or is just left unmaintained and dries off. Ground water levels are also depleting due to heavy bore wells and adding to misery. If ponds are maintained then ground water level is refurbished and better balanced water resource management can be achieved.

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