Male Chauvinism not in Hindu Marriage

Many think the marriage functions of especially Brahmin’s as long drawn out and tedious.Also it is lots of mumbojumbo which is not relevant today. Surprise. See the sloka and their meaning and then form an opinion.

Sanskrit English
गृण्हामि तें सौभगत्वाय हस्तं
मया पत्या जंरदष्टिर् यथास
भगो अर्यमा सविता पुरंधिर्
महयं त्वादुर् गार्हपत्याय देवा
I take your hand (in mine) for good fortune that you may live to old age with me, Your husband Gods Bhaga,Aryama, Savitha, Purandhi have given you to me to govern my house.
आतिष्ठेममश्मानमश्मेव त्वँस्थिरा भव
अभितिष्ठ पृतन्यतस्सहस्व पृतनायतः
Oh Lady you should fight with enemies without fear with Firmness of mind like this stone and win over them
सम्राज्ञी श्र्वशुरे भव सम्राज्ञी श्र्वश्रवां भव
ननान्दरि संम्राज्ञी भव सम्राज्ञी अधिदेव्रुषु
You shall be the queen to your father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law & brother-in-law. May you be endowed with the ability to become the master in my house.
एकमिषे विष्णुस्त्वान्वेतु, द्वे्ऊर्जे त्रीणि व्रताय
चत्वारि मायोभवाय, पञ्च पशुभ्यः
षड्दुतुब्यः सप्त ससप्तभ्यो होत्राभ्यो विष्णुस्त्वाअन्वेतु

May the omnipresent Vishnu endow you with plenty of Annam ( material prosperity)By following you one step two steps for their increase Three for successful performance of auspicious Karmas
Four comfortable living Five for many cows (Wealth power etc.)
Six for beneficial seasons ( Accommodation of time)Seven for making you eligible for assistance from wise people in all auspicious Karmas
सखा सप्तपदा भव सखायौ सप्तपदा वभूव With me you have taken seven steps and become a comrade to me having taken seven steps together we have become comrades

See also Padapuja to Bridegroom

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. M.R.Krishnan
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 17:10:01

    Excellent . I have passed this on to my son who is getting married shortly.


  2. Nayonika
    Oct 20, 2012 @ 04:02:42

    This is a one of the shortest and greatest article I’ve read.


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