Is Quality Un-Godly?

More than 2000 years ago people used to believe God is everything. God brings Draught, God brings flood, God brings Small pox etc. But slowly people started doubting this and enquiring minds started probing. Some simple questions like how the milk turns into curd. Does it have a watch. How does it know the time etc. was asked and enquiry started. Quality is defined as an attribute of property. It is the property of Milk to turn curd after fixed Hrs. Now where exactly this property is stored and how it is related to milk was a wonder. Many philosophical hypotheses were debated and reconciled. But in the end it dawned that expert debater won over all. One of the eminent person Socrates said that all debates should start with definition. So the word philosophy itself was defined as phil = Liking and sophy = Truth. Thus philosophers were people who tried to find truth of all events and occurring. This involved the process of definition of Truth. Truth was defined as that which does not change. This led to a problem that there is nothing that is not undergoing change in this world. Hence there is no truth in this world. This made people like Shankara to define the world as Virtual. And realization of this led to Moksha or realized soul. Such a person got dissociated from the worldly pleasures and pains.
During this time Aristotle started experimenting with Plants and arrived at repeatable processes that can be verified. This led to many hypotheses which can be verified by others if the process was repeated. This also led to scientific temperament which overtook philosophy and became a dominant subject of enquiry. After many years we now know that Milk turns to curd to the action of bacteria and also by controlling the temperatures we can speed up the curding time. But Science still has not answered all questions hence both scientific temperament and Religious sentiments co exist and leads to confusion.
In Hindi the quality process is translated as गुणवन्ता (Gunavanta). Guna is meaning quality. You would expect God to be infinite to be all encompassing Quality. No, God is known as निर्गुण (Nirguna) No quality. Because Quality is restraining. How? Quality is Infinite. That which is Infinite cannot be defined
Now back to quality. This is the reason why in ISO 9000 and in CMMI the chief executive should define Quality (policy) before commencing with implementation of processes.

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