Why Cricket Why not Football?

This is a significant aspect of Indian’s mentality. Look at this game of Cricket.
1. Batsman hits the ball and runs. The runner also runs. If the run is completed then credit goes to batsman. But if the run is incomplete and runner is caught short then he is out. Which means the runner does not get any credit but is punished for shortcomings. Typical Indian office scenario. Boss gets the credit but junior is punished for any shortcomings.
2. One batsman and one bowler are playing. 10 men are standing around to catch. This is also our office scenario. 2 people are working rest are only to find fault.
3. And 9 more are in pavilion just resting. Exactly like our office scenario.
In this game we are world champions and we contribute more than 90% of the income. How did we grow so fast? Yes because of the Britishers. They taught us and we learnt it fast and well.
But Britishers are good in Football also. We are nowhere. Why? Look at the game. There is a goal. Simple and clear. We have to combine and kick the ball into this goal. No chance. Team game we are nowhere.
What about Hockey. Well as long as it was stick work we were champions. But when it came as Astroturf where speed and team work was involved we are not able to even qualify.
Our greatness in Computer is due to this reason. As long as we have to get intelligent person to use logics we produced the world’s greatest Nos. and dominated the scene even in America. Master the technology and swamped it with Indians. But when we have to deliver in time and as per specifications we are still failing. Our CMMI certificates are of no use as we are good at mastering and getting certificates but not in understanding group activity like CMMI etc.
Ask any SW engineer what is your quality policy he will just blink!!
Our SW Companies are feeling the pressure and are not able to grow beyond some limit because of this reason.
Same is the case with ISO9000 also. In fact most of the companies that went into certification initially have already closed down.

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kyle
    Feb 21, 2011 @ 17:16:12

    as if!


  2. m.k.subramanian
    May 19, 2011 @ 22:49:37

    “Why cricket and not football?”
    You have improved on the original!


  3. Anupam Kulkarni
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 00:06:13

    Excellent write up. As much as I loved the analysis, I wouldn’t agree with it completely. Comment box too small to elaborate. But if you text me your email address, I would love to send you across my comments on this post 🙂 .




  4. Prabhat Pandey
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 22:37:33

    What a rubbish topic. If you are so patriot then the topic should have been “WHY CRICKET WHY NOT HOCKEY”? The question itself reflects that you personally like football only. You are too much talking about the indian mentallity. Being Indian, eating indian food, living in india and talking against indian. Better wake up and leave india if you have so much problems in india. This is a total traitor like approach as said in hindi “JIS THAALI MEIN KHATA HAI USI MEIN CHHED KARTA”. Football is also as rubbish as cricket. 22 people chasing a single ball. The midfielders and forwards take the ball to the goal post and the striker kicks goal and takes the credit and sometimes even the golden boot in world cup. Very rubbish game. As far as office scenario is concerned, if you have the quality be the leader or be a servant. If still cant survive leave the job, get out and survive on your own. Mr hariharan, if you are in india then be indian and love indian.


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