Defined Process………. Follow Implicitly

Once a Kartha (Generally a son who does shraddha (श्राद्ध) to his parents) who had to do shraddha could not find a Brahmin to eat food (such a person is called Bhoktha one who eats the food served). The belief is that when bhoktha is fed according to rituals then the dead person receives the food. Luckily he saw a Brahmin walking in front of his house. He immediately appealed to him to come and fulfill his rites of paying respects to his parents. The Brahmin readily agreed. The shraddha was performed dutifully and as a last act the kartha hold in his hand a cup of water with spoon (This is called Panchapathram and uddrani- see picture) and says to the Bhoktha that whether he is going satisfied. (In Sanskrit हविः शोभनम) for which this bhoktha is supposed to say am pleased (In Sanskrit शोबनाम हविः). But in this case instead of saying I am pleased the bhoktha protested that he wanted more rice which was not offered to him. This infuriated the kartha and he threw the panchapathran which he was holding in his hand at the bhoktha. This was because everything was done as per strict rituals and there should have been no complaint and the bhoktha was just exceeding his norm and complaining spaciously without any moral ground. But the bhoktha was a great seer (Avasthamba Maharishi who had actually written the Procedures) and on showing his hand the panchapatram and water etc stood in space as if there was no gravity. The kartha immediately apologized and asked forgiveness. Then the bhoktha explained that he had performed the shraddha correctly as per scriptures but had made the mistake in one place. While giving food he was supposed to say do you want rice or water (In Sanskrit इधाम अन्नम पानीयं). For which the bhoktha was supposed to say Thanks many time am pleased (In Sanskrit मधु मधु संपन्नम). This step was supposed to be repeated 3 times. The kartha repeated only 2 times. That is what the Bhoktha was pointing out. Later the bhoktha said all these steps are very important and no deviation is acceptable.
This story has great significance in quality process. After great deliberations the steps (good practices) are defined and needs implicit practice. But in India everybody apply their mind and interpret it conveniently and stand their ground even during audit and refuse to understand as each and every person follows different processes and deviate from prescribed steps many errors are introduced and Risk of project failures increase.

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