Hazare ……a Stage managed show!

Right from Common wealth Games attack on Kalmadi a stage managed show (No action has been taken against Kalmadi though including his servants many are in Lockup) was done through TV by Congress. Parties like BJP/RSS fell for it. They never questioned where the TV Channels got the documents and as long it was against Congress they had fun and joined the tirade. But suddenly from nowhere Hazare popped in and it was called peoples (Insignifinat 5% educated people) movement. Congress has launched itself and this country into a new course. Now the status is that anti corruption Ombudsman will be launched. What have the people got to loose? All small parties will not be able to operate as they will not be able to raise funds. This is death knell to parties led by people like Mulayam, Kumaraswamy etc. In Today’s morning paper Kumaraswamy has already cried that this is foul. When parties like DMK are being finished this is just a beginning for new politics – Congress dominated.-in India. The way Hazare praises Modi shows that they are trying hard to get BJP’s concurrence. What more is required to show that this is stage managed. BJP without the support of small parties is no match to Congress. And Congress will coolly rule for at least next 15 years. It is high time the intelligentia reacted and stop this nonsense. For all you know Hazare may have been promised Bhrat Ratna. If the rule is cobbled then it will be difficult to stop it. Please see that corruption by itself is not as bad as anti corruption crusade of Communists. Congress party has huge funds and they don’t need to be obviously corrupt but smaller parties like Telugu Desam etc. get defunct if they are not in the ruling for more than 10 years. That is the status of politics in India. Moving into 2 party system like in USA and UK where both the parities jointly rob and nobody will be able to do anything. Many may be attracted by 2 party system but in Politics known devil is always better than unknown one. See Egypt.


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