Bin Laden’s death and India

I am not sure what I am predicting is going to happen because there are many indications against it. So this is not for debate. It is not possible that Pak army is unaware of Bin Laden’s hiding so near. But then it is not possible that they kept quite when US seals came and killed him and took his body. In India everybody gloats over Pak’s discomfiture. Hence they don’t read the present history properly. US is in great economic danger and would like to get out of Afghanistan. The only way they can do this is by handing over the Afghan to Pak supported Taliban. Many experts (Including Parthasarathy) say if Pak and US had colluded they would have handed over Bin laden in some border check post. They don’t realize that Al-quida knows where Bin Laden is (and face repraisals from Alquida). So the only way he can be handed over to US is to let them come and take where he is. The entire Davis affair was fishy and stage managed to show Pak US relations strained. Now US will slowly wriggle out of Afghanistan and Obama will not lose face. Instead he will claim 9-11 has been revenged and mission accomplished and strike a deal with Taliban and let Afghans face their fate. As for Pak (read Khakistan) They will be in bigger muddle. Their hope that china will come to their aid is just wishful thinking. India – well their pain will continue for another decade. This is really funny that India will not go to the aid of US in Afghanistan but we fervently expect US will solve our terrorist problem. When US walks out of Afghanistan India will ruse and throw tantrums. What else?


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