Ethics in Bin-Laden’s and Vali’s Death

This is a strange coincidence that exactly when I wanted a similar ethical problem to discuss, one was offered on the platter – that is Bin Laden’s death. The problems are similar and strangely the ethical and moral problems were also exactly same.

Bin Laden Vali
The way the US attacked Bin Laden is exactly like what Rama did. Stealthly The word describing Rama’s attack on Vali is also stealth. Many wrongly believe that Rama was hiding. The 1st. sloka in 14th sargam says hedged or Rama stealthly waited for vali to appear and then attack
Bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed Vali was also unarmed when shot by Rama’s arrow
The ethical aspects of killing Bin Laden are controversial "So also is Vali's Killing. Many experts interpret in various ways and all
interpretations are not easily acceptable
It is US’s duy to identify and kill Bin Laden So also Rama claims it is his duty to kill Vali else the sin will accrue to the king
Killing an unarmed Bin Laden is questioned So alo is killing of Vali with an arrow when he is unarmed
US Claims it is their duty and killing Bin Laden by any means is ethical as he does not deserve any ethical (legal) supports as he is major criminal Rama also says the same thing that Vali a follower of Adharma cannot cliam ethical nicities and will be killed by any means
Exposing Bin Laden by Pakistan to US is like sugriva exposing Vali to Rama Sugriva exposing Vali to Rama is unethical though he had grievences against vali
The roll played by Pak is unethical though they can claim he had grouse against Bin Laden Sugriva exposing Vali to Rama is also unethical though he had grievences against vali
Why Pak Played stool pegion? They wanted Kingdom – Afghanistan Sugriva also Played stool pegion, as he also wanted Kingdom -Kishkinda
The whole world may hate him but his wife accosts the special team and protects him only get shot in her leg Same as Vali’s Tara. Tara requests Rama to Kill her also so that she can be with Vali

For more detailed analysis of Valivadh discussion goto Rama the executioner

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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