Logic and beyond ………. by MGH

This is an adjunct to Logic and Beyond…..By MKS

Logic has limitations. Yes, but not in the process but in the input data. Human beings have limited tools for data input. Through these limitations to understand the space and time (and what not) is difficult. Buddha says understanding God (the creator of space) through our limited indriyas ( sensory perceptions) is like understanding of pink colour by blind man. Immanuel Kant complicates this by showing our perception of space and time is not through data input but what he calls as apriori. This can be understood as built in software at birth. Stefan Hawking in the process of arriving at singular formula for light gravity magnetism etc concludes there are many more spaces (13) out of which we are conscious of only space and time. Hence the problem with Logic is with data input. Also our brain cannot handle null points and tend to come to near best conclusion and close the gap in understanding. See God is null. As we move away from god made man, god made earth, type beliefs(Blind no data) science could not answer all queries, so religion sticks on. But religion is based on Shruthee (heard by saints whether it is Christianlty-Bible- or Hinduism-vedas supplemented by epics such as Ramayana) and Smruthi (as understood -which changes with time as our perceptions improve). Added to this many scriptures have been tampered with. The onslaught of Buddhism was stopped by highlighting Upanishads by Shankara and the onslaught Christianity by emphasizing Faith. Vedas or Ramayana never talks about faith. Even in Gita 2 chapters were added which sticks out like sore thumb to explain faith in god. Through all these we have to search for God. PURSUE WE MUST BUT WE SHOULD BE AWARE OF LIMITATION. Should not offend others beliefs as our own are limited.


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