Refer to Opposition in India
The tragedy is being repeated. All along it was Congress that was campaigning against Corruption. But they targeted their partner DMK and their small fry Kalmadi. BJP foolishly joined the fray and criticized the congress as most corrupt. Hazare was congress Stage managed show! They foolishly joined up with him and are now completely trapped. Because action is going to be taken against Reddy brothers. The congress supported the Reddy brothers to break out of Yedyurappa govt. BJP high command played the wrong cards and patched it up.
Now when the public wants more and more blood Reddy brothers are going to be targeted. And see what is happening in BJP. Sushma and Jaitley are blaming each other and ex BJP president Rajnath is taking the blame.
Congress is just silent. For all you know they will not take action against Reddy and let the govt. survive. At the opportune moment before the next Parliamentary election they will smoke out BJP just as they did to DMK and wiped them out. Even now Congress is silent and is taking action against congress members-Kripashankar Singh. Even Hazare’s support of Modi (Gujarat CM) and opposing him now is just a façade to confuse BJP.
Oh God save India from opposition


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