Has Rama ….. The rights?

One question that V S Srinivasa Shastri asks is “Has Rama the rights to kill Vali”. This is important because when we say the Aatataayee has to be killed we should remember it is a King’s Duty. No other person has the right to Kill him as per Atharvana Veda (Refer).
Rama says Bharatha is the ruler Sloka (4-18-7) It is Bharatha’s duty to punish the wrongdoers. Sloka (4-18-11) Then suddenly he changes the track and says we are his proxies (वयम् तु आदेश वर्तिनः). (Sloka (4-18-23) Now can the king’s proxies execute orders without his expressed order? Sloka (4-18-25)There is another problem to this. Is Bharatha the King?
Because in Ayodyakanda after Bharat milap (meeting with Bharata) Bharata refuses to take over the kingdom as he does not want to be party to kaikeyi’s conspiracy. After a lot of debate Bharata offers the kningdom to the Sandals (Paduka) and he himself will live a saintly life like Rama staying outside the KingdomSloka (2-112-23/24) . Thus the king happens to be the Paduka. This Paduka is representative of Rama himself. So we are to understand that Bharata is the ‘defacto’ king and Rama is the ‘dejure’ Ruler. Hence whatever Rama may say in humility that Bharat is the king he is also the accountable when adharma happens in his presence. So he is duty bound to kill Vali.
To continue I don’t understand why an eminent person (Srinivasa shastry) in Govt. service still writes “That you will say, is an assumption of power and authority which nothing can justify” I beg to disagree as written above.

Sanskrit English verbatim Translation
ताम् पालयति धर्मात्मा भरतः सत्यवान् ऋजुः |
धर्म काम अर्थ तत्त्वज्ञो निग्रह अनुग्रहे रतः
He who is virtue-souled, truth-abiding, plain-speaking, and the knower of the import of probity, pleasures, and prosperity, and the one who is concerned in controlling or condoning his subjects, that Bharata is the ruler of earth. Back
ते वयम् मार्ग विभ्रष्टम् स्वधर्मे परमे स्थिताः |
भरत आज्ञाम् पुरस्कृत्य निगृह्णीमो यथा विधि
“Abiding in our own pre-eminent righteousness, and even abiding by the order of Bharata we punish him who deviated from the path of morality, according to custom. Back
भरतः तु महीपालो वयम् तु आदेश वर्तिनः || ४-१८-२३
त्वम् च धर्मात् अतिक्रान्तः कथम् शक्यम् उपेक्षितुम् |
While Bharata is the lord of land and we are his proxies adhering to his orders, and while you too have overstepped the bounds of rightness, then how is it possible to be lenient? Back
वयम् तु भरत आदेशम् विधिम् कृत्वा हरीश्वर |
त्वत् विधान् भिन्न मर्यादान् निग्रहीतुम् व्यवस्थिताः || ४-१८-२५
“As for us, oh, monkey’s lord, we effectuate our brother’s orders and our duty, and we stand for curbing your kind of shatterers of ethics. Back

स पादुके सम्प्रणम्य रामं वचनम्ब्रवीत् |
चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि जटाचीरधरो ह्यहम् || २-११२-२३
फलमूलाशनो वीर भवेयम् रघुनंदन |तवागमनमाकाङ्क्षन् वसन्वै नगराद्बहिः || २-११२-२४
Bowing before the sandals, Bharata spoke the following words to Rama: “O, Rama the hero and the tormentator of enemies! For fourteen years, I shall wear matted locks and robes of bark, live on fruits and roots O Rama, and live outside the city, offering the ruling of the kingdom to your sandals.” Back


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