Vali Had a Magic Pendent ?

There is another story about the Vali’s necklace (Mala). We have seen that Rama as King was obliged to kill an Aatataayee without forethought overtly or covertly. As per Manusmriti sloka # 8-350/351.But many who were not aware or skipped the Rama’s reply to Vali and his quotation of Manusmriti had to explain the covert attack on Vali. The great Rama bhakta Govindraja went to the extreme extend of even calling Rama a fraud (Refer to point 8). But the Upanyasakars (Preachers) did not have this alternative. So they manipulated a story based on Vali’s necklace. They said the necklace had a magic power of reducing half the opponents strength and adding it to Vali. So if Vali’s enemy was stronger and had strength say equal to X and if Vali had only lesser strength equal to say Y then when fight starts Vali’s enemy will be left with ½ X and Vali will have Y + ½ X. and thereby defeat his enemy. This formula holds good whatever may be the strength of enemy.
But strangely this cannot be the reason for Rama’s covert action as he can still shoot an arrow at unarmed Vali and kill him whatever may be his strength. Also (in lighter vain) if Rama is a god and half of infinity is still infinity. And infinity + anything is still infinity. So let us see what Valmiki says that led to this subterfuge of explanation for covert action by Rama. The pendent is only described as an ornament on Vali and is said to have been given by Indra.
Imprudent vali wearing golden pendent Sloka (4-16-18)
Vali glittered with Golden Ornaments Sloka (4-17-02)
That Golden Pendent Given by Indra sustained the life of Vali (Magic?)Sloka (4-17-05)
Vali wearing Golden PendentSloka (4-17-06)
The arrow ,The pendent and his body were three prominent parts Sloka (4-17-07)
There is no other mention of pendent having any MAGIC POWERS

Sanskrit English verbatim Translation
श्लिष्टम् मुष्टिम् समुद्यम्य संरब्धतरम् आगतः |
सुग्रीवो अपि समुद्दिश्य वालिनम् हेम मालिनम् ||
Even Sugreeva has come at that imprudent Vali with golden pendant, on tightening his fists, lifting them up at the ready, and aiming them well at Vali. Back
स भूमौ न्यस्त सर्वांगः तप्त कांचन भूषणः |
अपतत् देव राजस्य मुक्त रश्मिर् इव ध्वजः
He who glittered with pure golden ornaments, that Vali fell down on earth while all of his limbs sank to dust, like the flag of Indra when released from its ropes. Back
शक्र दत्ता वरा माला कान्चनी रत्न भूषिता |
दधार हरि मुख्यस्य प्राणान् तेजः श्रियम् च सा |
That superb and gem-studded golden pendent given by Indra sustained that monkey chief’s lives, resplendence and brilliance Back
स तया मालया वीरो हैमया हरियूथपः |
संध्यानुगत पर्यन्तः पयोधर इव अभवत् ||
By still wearing that golden chest-pendant around his neck, that brave general of monkeys Vali appeared like a black-cloud smeared with the colour of golden sunset all around its edges Back

तस्य माला च देहः च मर्मघाती च यः शरः |
त्रिधा इव रचिता लक्ष्मीः पतितस्य अपि शोभते ||
Even though Vali has fallen on ground his splendour is as though refulgent devising itself into three aspects, namely by his body, chest-pendant, and the arrow of Rama, which arrow is given to strike the crucial body parts alone, and which is still stuck in Vali’s chest. Back


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