Who is an आततायी (aatataayee)?

Who? Refer to glossory
There are six types of Aatataayee: (1) who sets fire, (2) who gives poison, (3) who takes up weapon with bad intentions, (4) who robs wealth, (5) who takes somebody’s farms, (6) who takes other’s wife; all are called Aatataayee and there is no sin to kill any of them. Surprise all of them exist even today and a scourge to society.
In Ramayana of course we have already seen that Vali is an Aatataayee. But it will be noticed that Tataka is also an Aatataayee. As stated in Refer manusmriti 8/350 and 351 though she is a woman she fails to get the benefit of compassion. Same is told for highly educated Brahmin like Ravana. There is no sin in killing these aatataayees.


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