MF Husain (Pain)tings

MF Husain’s death made the whole country go into introspection. He was one of the greatest artist and richly rewarded and awarded in India. But in his very old age the Hindu extremists had harassed him and drove him away. Yes the govt. gave him protection but his query was what about my paintings, creations. BJP of course gave him posthumously the right to come back and be buried in India. It was a shame. What these BJP doesn’t realize is that when they think they are right they give themselves the right to vandalise, ( MF Husain’s Paintings, Libraries for writing against Shivaji etc. ), murder(Gujarat), or go about bombing and defecating mosques, churches, dragging girls from Bars and so on. Congress just lets them do it and keeps mum thereby isolating them as extremists. High time BJP comes into main stream and support right decisions by Congress and share the glory of India’s growth else they will be sidelined as they are now.
Yes Saraswathi’s painting was obscene. But remember painting any human leave alone a Hindu gods is itself haram in Islam.


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  1. Pi Laminar
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 10:35:50

    You said ”But remember painting any human leave alone a Hindu gods is itself haram in Islam”

    But murder rape (under right hand possession)) are allowed in Islam .


    • mghariharan
      Aug 16, 2011 @ 10:47:11

      Sorry let us understand our religin before commenting about others religion
      I have some knowledge of Hindustani music though am South Indian. I have spent most of my time in N India. Ihave come across many anti muslim ideas. I always used to say the contributions of Muslims to hindustani music is phenominal.All songs are on Rama and krishna. Lets us do a small % of it to hinduism. Then let us talk about killing muslims.


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