Tara(Panchakanya) Ideal wife…….Love(1)

अहल्य द्रौपदी सीता तारा मन्दोदरी तथा
पञ्चकन्या स्मरेन नित्यं महा पातक नाशनं

The women mentioned here are Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara and Mandodari,
called as Pancha kanyas and thinking about them daily is supposed to destroy sins.
The five names are noteworthy and there are some deviations as some people use Kunti instead of Sita. The main point is these wives are the spouse of great people who were Chauvinistic ( Meaning : zealous and aggressive patriotism or blind enthusiasm for military glory). But here let us Track Tara and see as to how she attained such high status.
Devoted Wife
There is no mention of the period when she was wife of Sugriva when Vali was in dungeon. The first time we hear is when she tries to dissuade Vali going for 2nd time fight with Sugriva. Her arguments are clear and Knowing Vali she very respectfully draws his attention to fact the Sugriva who has been thrashed recently is not coming for fight again without some ulterior motive and the act is highly suspicious. Also warns him about Rama and Lakshmana. But Vali who takes no counseling from others does not heed her and pays dearly with life. She rushes to mortally wounded Vali’s side. On the way see sees all monkeys including Angada’s bodyguards running away in terror. Tara enquires “if a brother kills brother for the sake of kingdom why are you all running in fear” (4-19-9) All the monkeys warn Tara not to proceed further and to safeguard Angada.
But see what Tara says: “what use is my son, or kingdom, or my life to me when the great Vali my husband is dead” (4-19-18)And starts wailing. “I have never blamed you in your presence or absence why do you not speak to me now?” (4-20-5) “ have you discarded me for this earth?” (4-20-06) “My heart seems to be strong that it is still not splintered” (4-20-10) . Then she questions him for taking Sugriva’s wife for which reason alone says “this is your fate”. “You did not take my warning and brushed me off”. “it is fate alone that befell you”. Asks Angada to say farewell to departing father. Said Tara “If I have done anything undesirable pardon me”. Thus she lamented pitiably.
Hanuman in his inimitable style consoles Tara and reminds her of duties to Angada and kingdom. But she continues to lament. “100 Angadas against my dead husband and I will choose embracing my dead husband” (4-21-13) .” father is the real defender of a son,and not the mother” (4-21-15) , and opts to join her dead husband (4-21-16) . “No father will propose bride to adventurers and my happiness is deluged by anguish” (4-23-8/9) Even rich woman is called a widow without a husband”. “ This arrow is hindering me from embracing you” She addresses her son “your father reached this state due to sinful deeds” (4-23-22&23).” .” You did not heed me nor could I convince you, Now I am doomed with my son”. Then Sugriva moans on this sudden turn of events. He says “ I don’t deserve Kishkinda” (4-24-07).” Then Tara hugs Vali and looking at Rama bemoans “ Kill me too with same arrow and send me to my dear husband (4-24-33).” .” Vali will be suffering like you without me” [4-24-35]. Rama consoles her by saying world is like this (4-24-41).” . The lamentations of Tara and Sugriva, brought tears into eyes of Rama. (4-24-24).” . Almost 4 Sarga of melodrama where all rue the fate and this sudden turn of event. This shows Tara’s Love and affection towards her husband. Next we will see how great a Diplomat she is in Tara(Panchakanya) Ideal wife…….Love(1) .

Sanskrit English
राज्य हेतोः स चेत् भ्राता भ्रात्रा कॄरेण पातितः |
रामेण प्रसृतैः दूरात् मार्गणैः दूर पातिभिः ||
“Whether or not a cruel brother made his brother to fall for the reason of kingdom with the arrows of Rama which can surge well from distance and fall on distant target? Aver it. Back
पुत्रेण मम किम् कार्यम् किम् राज्येन किम् आत्मना |
कपि सिम्हे महा भागे तस्मिन् भर्तरि नश्यति ||
“Of what avail is a son, or a kingdom, or I to myself when my husband that lion like monkey with great honour perished. [4-19-18]    Back
अतीव खलु ते कांता वसुधा वसुधाधिप |
गत असुर् अपि ताम् गात्रैः माम् विहाय निषेवसे ||
“The earth seems to be a highly cherished darling of yours, oh, lord of the land, as you still embrace her with your limbs leaving me off, even when your lives are drained.   Back
हृदयम् सुस्थिरम् मह्यम् दृष्ट्वा विनिहतम् भुवि |
यन् न शोक अभिसंतप्तम् स्फुटते अद्य सहस्रधा ||
My heart is very sturdy – perhaps, even on seeing you slain and fallen to ground, it is not splintering now into thousand splints, though it is tormented by sorrow. Back
अंगद प्रतिरूपाणाम् पुत्राणाम् एकतः शतम् |
हतस्य अपि अस्य वीरस्य गात्र संश्लेषणम् वरम् ||
“Let there be a hundred selfsame Angada-s on one side, and this brave one the other, for me embracing him who is put to death is the best …. Back
न हि एषा बुद्धिः आस्थेया हनूमन् अंगदम् प्रति |
पिता हि बंधुः पुत्रस्य न माता हरि सत्तम ||
“Hanuma, this thinking of yours that Angada is to be crowned is really untenable, oh, best monkey, father is the real defender of a son, but not the mother. Back
न हि मम हरि राज संश्रयात्
क्षमतरम् अस्ति परत्र च इह वा |
अभिमुख हत वीर सेवितम्
शयनम् इदम् मम सेवितुम् क्षमम् ||
“Indeed there is nothing highly befitting to me, either in this world or in the other, than the auspices of the king of monkeys, and now to me the only befitting thing is to join in this brave one on this death bed, which he is adoring when put to death while he is facing away. Back
शूराय न प्रदातव्या कन्या खलु विपश्चिता || ३-२३-८
शूर भार्याम् हताम् पश्य सद्यो माम् विधवाम् कृताम् |
“Really considerate fathers shall never propose brides to adventurers, they say. Yes! See me the wife of an adventurer, in a trice rendered as a war-widow left in the lurch     Back
अवस्थाम् पश्चिमाम् पश्य पितुः पुत्र सुदारुणाम् || ३-२३-२२
संप्रसक्तस्य वैरस्य गतो अन्तः पाप कर्मणा |
“See the highly harrowing end time plight of your father, oh, son, he reached his end owing to the enmity harnessed by sinful deeds.   Back
श्रेयो अद्य मन्ये मम शैल मुख्ये तस्मिन् हि वासः चिरम् ऋष्यमूके |
यथा तथा वर्तयतः स्व वृत्या न इमम् निहत्य त्रिदिवसय लाभः ||
“I think it would be better for me to live on that best mountain Rishyamuka for ever in an as is where is condition, somehow spending life befitting to a monkey, and achieving even heaven on killing my brother is of no good. Back
एन एव बाणेन हतः प्रियो मे तेन एव बाणेन हि माम् जहि हि |
हता गमिष्यामि समीपम् अस्य न माम् विना वीर रमेत वाली ||
“Oh, brave one, kill me too with the same arrow with which you have killed my dear husband, and on getting killed at your hand I wish to reach his near, as Vali takes no delight without me. Back
स्वर्गे अपि शोकम् विवर्णताम् च मया विना प्राप्स्यति वीर वाली |
रम्ये नगेन्द्रस्य तटा अवकाशे विदेह कन्या अरहितो यथा त्वम् |
“Even though Vali is in heaven he will derive despair and despondency without me, like you, who are despondent and despaired on the pleasant stretches of mountainsides of that best mountain Rishyamuka, as you are without Seetha. Back
इति एवम् उक्तः तु विभुः महात्मा ताराम् समाश्वास्य हितम् बभाषे |
मा वीर भार्ये विमतिम् कुरुष्व लोको हि सर्वो विहितो विधात्रा ||
Thus that way when Tara spoke to that lord and great-souled Rama, Rama consoling Tara well, spoke this word of expediency, “oh, wife of valiant one, let not your mind go raving, the Creator decreed all the world to be in this way, isn’t so! Back
इति एवम् आर्तस्य रघु प्रवीरः श्रुत्वा वचो वालि जघन्य जस्य |
संजात बाष्प पर वीर हन्ता रामो मुहूर्तम् विमना बभूव ||
On hearing the anguished words of the younger brother of Vali, namely Sugreeva, the eyes of Rama, the best valiant one from Raghu’s dynasty and the eliminator of valiant enemies, are moistened and he became perturbed for a moment. Back

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sachin
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 11:01:29

    tara was not an ideal wife SHE HAD ……WITH THE KILLER OF HER HUSBAND FOR 4 MONTHS SHE WAS …..


  2. S.T.Sri Ram
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 17:45:57

    the pancha kanyas include, Ahalya, Tara, Tara, Mandiodari and Draupadi.
    The Tara mentioned above 2nd time is Bruhaspati’s wife, who was kidnapped by Chandra and used by Chandra for all of one year. When she was pregnant Chandra returns Tara to Bruhaspati. When Tara delivered a child, Bruhaspati tries naming the child…it is when chandra laughs at Bruhaspati for claiming the fatherhood and thus chandra ends up naming the child as BUDHA………
    Notice the speciality with all the 5 women mentioned. all of them have more than one sexual partner.
    Ahalya had Indra as her lover other than her Husband
    Tara had both vali and sugriva as lovers.
    Tara had both bruhaspati and chandra for lovers
    Madodari had both Ravana and Vibheeshana (when he came to rule over LANKA) and lastly
    Draupadi who had five husbands
    Sita can never be included as pancha-kanyas.
    The above five, inspite of having had conjugal love with one, remained a kanya
    ( a maid with her chastity intact) to the other……….hence they were called pancha kanyas. They were also called pancha pathivratas


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