Rama Crying (1)……सुग्रीवम् शरणम्

सकृद् एव प्रपन्नाय तव अस्मि इति च याचते ||६-१८-३३
अभयम् सर्व भूतेभ्यो ददामि एतद् व्रतम् मम |

This is a sloka from Yudha kanda where Rama says (“He who seeks refuge in me just once, telling me that I am yours’, I shall give him assurance of safety against all types of beings. This is my solemn pledge”) (He is observing a penance (व्रतम्) ). This sloka is highlighted as not Rama’s words but as Gods words(For more Duty of God or …..King??). Nothing wrong but if this is to highlight that Rama is god. I beg to differ. Just one sloka saying that, who so ever subordinates to me, will be protected by me. But this same Rama is so desperate that, when he comes to Pampa and meets Hanuman, he is forced to repeat many times that he seeks the lordship of Sugriva and subordinates to him seeking recourse to solving his problem. The scene is pathetic and wordings very cruel (Only Valmiki can write like this).
After Listening to Hanuman who enquires about Rama and Lakshmana, Ram says to Lakshmana this Monkey must be highly educated (knowing all 4 Vedas) and has excellent control over grammar and has pleasant way of speaking. “Please tell him our purpose”. Lakshmana briefly adulates Rama as a great virtuous son who forsake kingdom as per his father’s directive. “He was followed by his wife and me who is serving him by choice. Unfortunately his wife was abducted by a demon about whom we know not. One named Danu advised us to take the help of valorous Sugriva”. From here on it is a pitiable pleading to accept Rama in Sugriva’s tutelage.
Sloka # [4-4-17] We have no other recourse and are dependent on Sugriva alone.
Sloka # [4-4-18] Rama the great philanthropist is now accepting the lordship of Sugriva
Sloka # [4-4-19] Rama the virtuous and who shelters many seeks the shelter of Sugriva
Sloka # [4-4-20] Rama the protector of world now seeks the protection of Sugriva
Sloka # [4-4-21] Rama the benefactor of many now seeks the benefaction of Sugriva
Sloka # [4-4-22,23] Ram Son of Dasaratha who safeguarded kings now seeks shelter under Sugriva
Sloka # [4-4-24] Rama who is agonized by sadness, seeks and deserves the favor of Sugriva
The pathetic appeal is made by Lakshmana with tears falling from his eyes(करुणम् स अश्रु पातनम् ) Sloka # [4-4-25].By the time you read the sloka I am sure many will have tears in their eyes .

                                              Part of Rama….. a human character!!!

Sanskrit English
एतत् ते सर्वम् आख्यातम् याथातथ्येन पृच्छतः |
अहम् चैव च रामः च सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतौ || ४-४-१७
“All this is informed to you, as it is as you have asked..Myself and Rama, we now have our recourse to Sugreeva alone… Back
एष दत्त्वा च वित्तानि प्राप्य च अनुत्तमम् यशः |
लोकनाथः पुरा भूत्वा सुग्रीवम् नाथम् इच्छति || ४-४-१८
“He who gave away riches in charity, who obtained unequalled renown and who himself was the lord of this world earlier, now accepts the lordship of Sugreeva… Back
सीता यस्य स्नुषा च आसीत् शरण्यो धर्मवत्सलः |
तस्य पुत्रः शरण्यस्य सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतः || ४-४-१९
“Who was a patron of virtue and who himself was a shelterer, to whom Seetha is the daughter-in-law, such a shelterer’s son Rama is now taking shelter under Sugreeva… Back
सर्व लोकस्य धर्मात्मा शरण्यः शरणम् पुरा |
गुरुर् मे राघवः सोऽयम् सुग्रीवम् शरणम् गतः || ४-४-२०
“He who is a virtuous one and protector of all the world, and who is the only refuge for all in earlier times… such a Raaghava, my mentor, is now seeking refuge with Sugreeva… Back
यस्य प्रसादे सततम् प्रसीदेयुः इमाः प्रजाः |
स रामः वानरेन्द्रस्य प्रसादम् अभिकाङ्क्षते || ४-४-२१
“By whose beneficence all these people are always delighted, he that Rama is now seeking benefaction from the lord of monkeys… Back
येन सर्व गुणोपेताः पृथिव्याम् सर्व पार्थिवाः |
मानिताः सततम् राज्ञा सदा दशरथेन वै || ४-४-२२
तस्य अयम् पूर्वजः पुत्रः त्रिषु लोकेषु विश्रुतः |
सुग्रीवम् वानरेन्द्रम् तु रामः शरणम् आगतः || ४-४-२३
“By which kingDasharatha, are all the kings with all possible good attributes are always, and at all the times were esteemed to be safeguarded as defensible kings, such king’s eldest son Rama, renowned in all the three worlds for his own sheltering the needy, has now taken shelter under monkeys lord Sugreeva… Back
शोक अभिभूते रामे तु शोक आर्ते शरणम् गते |
कर्तुम् अर्हति सुग्रीवः प्रसादम् सह यूथपैः || ४-४-२४
“One who is rebuffed by sadness, and even agonised by it had already sought refuge, hence it is apt of Sugreeva to do favour in Rama’s respect along with other vanara commanders…” Lakshmana said thus to Hanuma. Back
एवम् ब्रुवाणम् सौमित्रिम् करुणम् स अश्रु पातनम् |
हनुमान् प्रति उवाच इदम् वाक्यम् वाक्य विशारदः || ४-४-२५
To Lakshmana, who is telling that piteously with tears falling out, the eminently lettered Hanumaan said this in his return. Back

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