Rama Crying (2)…….. of Shock??

This is an adjunct to Rama Crying (1)……सुग्रीवम् शरणम्
It is a common Knowledge that when Kaikeyi asked Rama to go to forest abandoning his kingdom he did it with alacrity (enthusiastically). In fact he was surprised why his father was not asking him and sitting with downcast face 2-18-01. Kaikeyi in turn says he is just shy do not worry about it 2-19-15. Rama of course says he is ready and agrees to go immediately after saying farewell to Seetha and Kausalya 2-19-25. After hearing Kaikeyi’s cruel words Rama spoke to her softly 2-19-20. Though he readily agrees he makes it clear that nothing is more important to him than following Dharma and fulfilling his father’s promise 2-19-21. All these points are stressed in Ramayana upanyasams. But one point that you will not be told is How Rama felt. Valmiki says it very beautifully in one sloka. Terribly disappointed but kept his emotions under control and did not reveal it

रामः तु भ्ऱ्शम् आयस्तः निह्श्वसन्न् इव कुन्जरः |
जगाम सहितः भ्रात्रा मातुर् अन्तः पुरम् वशी || २-२०-८

Rama, who was greatly hurt, sighed like an elephant, subdued his senses and went to his mother’s palace along with Lakshmana

Next we see him consoling Kausalya. Here also he gets a rough treatment. I wonder who was more cruel Kaikeyi who robs his kingdom and banishes him or his mother (पुत्र न जायेथा मम शोकाय= better off if you were not born more . ). But when he delivers the message to Seetha it is then that he loses control his calmness. Seetha seeing Rama in sorrow, enquires. Rama gives the message and gives advice to Seetha on behavior in his absence. Seetha extols the duty of virtuos wife and says she will accompany him and gives many rosy picture of have fun in the forest and lakes there. Hearing this Rama loses his control

सान्त्वयित्वा पुनस्ताम् तु बाष्पदूषितलोचनाम् |
निवर्तनार्थे धर्मात्मा वाक्यमेतदुवाच ह || २-२८-२

Soothing with kind words to Sita, when eyes were blemished with tears, the virtuous Rama spoke again as follows, for the purpose of waking her turn back.



                                              Part of Rama….. a human character!!!

Referaence of Slokas

Sanskrit English
स ददर्श आसने रामः निषण्णम् पितरम् शुभे |
कैकेयी सहितम् दीनम् मुखेन परिशुष्यता || २-१८-१
Rama saw his father sitting on a beautiful seat, but with his face looking completely parched up and miserable. Kaikeyi was at his side. Back
व्रीडा अन्वितः स्वयम् यच् च न्ऱ्पः त्वाम् न अभिभाषते |
न एतत् किंचिन् नर श्रेष्ठ मन्युर् एषो अपनीयताम् || २-१९-१५
“It is nothing but shyness that the king is not able to speak to you. Oh Rama, the best of men! Do not worry about it.” Back
यावन् मातरम् आप्ऱ्च्चे सीताम् च अनुनयाम्य् अहम् |
ततः अद्य एव गमिष्यामि दण्डकानाम् महद् वनम् || २-१९-२५
” Today itself, I shall go to the forest of Dandaka after bidding, farewell to my mother and also after consoling Sita.” Back
न अहम् अर्थ परः देवि लोकम् आवस्तुम् उत्सहे |
विद्धि माम् ऱ्षिभिस् तुल्यम् केवलम् धर्मम् आस्थितम् || २-१९-२०
“Oh queen! I am not concerned with wealth. I want to receive the world hospitable. Know me as equal to a sage, abiding in righteousness alone.” Back
न हि अतः धर्म चरणम् किंचित् अस्ति महत्तरम् |
यथा पितरि शुश्रूषा तस्य वा वचन क्रिया || २-१९-२२
“There is not indeed anything of greater performance of duty than doing service to father or than doing what he commands.” Back

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All Sloka Translations are from the site Valmiki Ramayana


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