Rama Crying (3)……..Humane to his enemies.

This is an adjunct to Rama Crying (2)…….. of Shock??
R ama leaves to forest accompanied by Seetha and Lakshmana. The people of Ayodya are so dejected by the sudden turn of events that they also decide to accompany Rama 2-45-01. Many of the Brahmins who do fire worship etc. take the fire along with them 2-45-21]. Rama assures the people on the Noble qualities of Bharata and pleads with them to return 2-45-09. But Rama’s faith in his duty was shown more people the people were determined to accompany him. Rama rested for the night on the banks of Tamasa river 2-46-21Late he wakes up Lakshmana and slips past the people 2-46-25. He gave instructions to charioteer to go further north and return without give clue about Rama’s Path 2-46-30/31. Thus the people were forced to return to Ayodya sadly. When Charioteer Sumantra returns King Dasharatha summons him 2-58-01. Dasharatha enquires about the parting scenes of Rama 2-58-11.
Sumantra gave these (Rama’s) parting messages to Dasharatha. Rama as usual sent salutations to his father 2-58-15 and sent enquiries to the people in Palace. 2-58-16. Sent message to his mother giving about his welfare. 2-58-17. Requested his mother to be righteous and serve father. 2-58-18. Advised mother to behave respectfully to Bharata the king 2-58-20. He was crying when he sent message to Bharata that he should take care of his mother 2-58-24. Sumantra described Rama’s eyes were red with tears 2-58-25. But Lakshmana lambasted his father. Under no condition could he justify this action of his father 2-58-28. Renounced his father for this illegal action 2-58-31

The fate of Seetha was no different. She was stunned into silence 2-58-34. She was profusely weeping 2-58-35. So also Rama and Seetha were crying seeing the departing Chariot 2-58-37. The description of the scene so pathetic that it shows Rama was not only Human but a Virtuous, and humane person with lots of emotions, and compassionate even to people contemplating harm to him.

                                              Part of Rama….. a human character!!!

Referaence of Slokas

Sanskrit English
अनुरक्ता महात्मानम् रामम् सत्य परक्रमम् |
अनुजग्मुः प्रयान्तम् तम् वन वासाय मानवाः || २-४५-१
The people devoted to the high- soled Rama of unfailing bravery accompanied him on his way to the forest for exile.


ब्राह्मण्यम् कृत्स्नम् एतत् त्वाम् ब्रह्मण्यम् अनुगच्चति |
द्विज स्कन्ध अधिरूढाः त्वाम् अग्नयो अपि अनुयान्ति अमी || २-४५-२१
“The whole of this brahmana community is following you, devoted (as you are) to the brahmanas. See, they are bearing the sacred fires on their shoulders” Back
स हि राज गुणैः युक्तः युव राजः समीक्षितः |
अपि च अपि मया शिष्टैः कार्यम् वो भर्तृ शासनम् || २-४५-९
“Bharata who is endowed with royal virtues is being marked as the prince. Further, king’s command is to be carried out by me and the rest of you. Back
यावद् एव तु संसुप्ताः तावद् एव वयम् लघु |
रथम् आरुह्य गच्चामः पन्थानम् अकुतः भयम् || २-४६-२१
“Till which time the citizens are asleep, within that time, let us quickly mount the chariot and take a route which has no fear from any quarter” Back
अथ रामोऽब्रवीच्छ्रीमान् सुमन्त्रम् युज्यताम् रथः |
गमिष्यामि ततोऽरण्यम् गच्छ श्रीघ्रमितः प्रभो || २-४६-२५
Then, the glorious Rama spoke to the charioteer as follows: “Oh, capable man! Keep the chariot ready. I shall proceed to the forest. Let us go quickly from here.” Back
मोहन अर्थम् तु पौराणाम् सूतम् रामः अब्रवीद् वचः |
उदन् मुखः प्रयाहि त्वम् रथम् आस्थाय सारथे || २-४६-३०
मुहूर्तम् त्वरितम् गत्वा निर्गतय रथम् पुनः |
यथा न विद्युः पौरा माम् तथा कुरु समाहितः || २-४६-३१
In order to elude the citizens, Rama spoke to Sumantra as follows: “Oh, charioteer! You mount the chariot and go northward. Proceed for a while quickly and bring back the chariot again. Remaining careful, do it in such a way that the citizens may not be able to locate me” Back
प्रत्याश्वस्तः यदा राजा मोहात् प्रत्यागतः पुनः |
थाजुहाव तम् सूतम् राम वृत्त अन्त कारणात् || २-५८-१
Thereafter, the king when recovered from loss of consciousness and again returned to his breath, he called that charioteer for the purpose of getting the report on Rama.


किम् उवाच वचो रामः किम् उवाच च लक्ष्मणः |
सुमन्त्र वनम् आसाद्य किम् उवाच च मैथिली || २-५८-११
“Oh, Sumantra! After reaching the forest, what words did Rama speak? What did Lakshmana speak? What did Seetha speak?” Back
सर्वम् अन्तः पुरम् वाच्यम् सूत मद्वचनात्त्वया |
आरोग्यम् अविशेषेण यथा अर्हम् च अभिवादनम् || २-५८-१६
Oh, charioteer! Enquire about the health of all the people in the gynaeceum without any disparity and offer my appropriate salutations to them. Back
माता च मम कौसल्या कुशलम् च अभिवादनम् |
अप्रमादम् च वक्तव्या ब्रूयाश्चैमिदम् वचः || २-५८-१७
My mother Kausalya is to be told about my welfare, about my offering salutations to her and about my meticulousness. Back
धर्मनित्या यथाकालमग्न्यगारपरा भव |
देवि देवस्य पादौ च देववत् परिपालय || २-५८-१८
“Oh, godly lady! Be always righteous and be interested in offering worship and sacrifices as per the prescribed timings in the House of Fire worship. Nurture the feet of the Lord Dasaratha, like with a god.” Back
कुमारे भरते वृत्तिर्वर्तितव्याच राजवत् |
अर्थज्येष्ठा हि राजानो राजधर्ममनुस्मर || २-५८-२०
“In respect of Bharata your son, follow a respectable behaviour as with a king. Kings are indeed sovereign in substance. Remember the rules relating to kings.” Back
अब्रवीच्चापि माम् भूयो भृशमश्रूणि वर्तयन् |
मातेव मम माता ते द्रष्टव्या पुत्रगर्धिनी || २-५८-२४
“Shedding tears profusely, Rama again spoke to me as follows : �My mother, who is very much longing her son, is to be looked after by you as if she is your mother’.” Back
इति एवम् माम् महाराज बृवन्न् एव महा यशाः |
रामः राजीव ताम्र अक्षो भृशम् अश्रूणि अवर्तयत् || २-५८-२५
“Oh, emperor! Rama of the most beautiful appearance with red eyes resembling red lotus flowers, while even uttering these words to me profusely shed tears.” Back
यदि प्रव्राजितः रामः लोभ कारण कारितम् |
वर दान निमित्तम् वा सर्वथा दुष्कृतम् कृतम् || २-५८-२८
“Even if this was done for the good pleasure of the king or through the will of God, I do not see any justification for Rama’s abandonment.” Back
अहम् तावन् महा राजे पितृत्वम् न उपलक्षये |
भ्राता भर्ता च बन्धुः च पिता च मम राघवः || २-५८-३१
“I do not consider the emperor as my father. For me, Rama is the brother, lord, relative and my father.” Back
जानकी तु महा राज निःश्वसन्ती तपस्विनी |
भूत उपहत चित्ता इव विष्ठिता वृष्मृता स्थिता || २-५८-३४
“Oh, King! The wise Seetha for her part with her mind like one possessed and forgetting her own existence, stood sighing and static. Back
अदृष्ट पूर्व व्यसना राज पुत्री यशस्विनी |
तेन दुह्खेन रुदती न एव माम् किंचित् अब्रवीत् || २-५८-३५
“The illustrious Seetha having not seen such misfortune earlier, could not even to speak me anything, weeping as she was with that uneasiness.” Back
तथैव रामः अश्रु मुखः कृत अन्जलिः |
स्थितः अभवल् लक्ष्मण बाहु पालितः स्थितः |
तथैव सीता रुदती तपस्विनी |
“In the same way, Rama with tears on his face and with joined palms, stood being shielded by the arms of Lakshmana. The miserable Seetha in the same manner was weeping and seeing the royal chariot and me.” Back

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