Rama misjudges …..(1)

Valmiki takes great pain in showing the scenes and happenings and thereby raise the tempo of the story. They are not just descriptive alone, but every action has nuances that is relevant to story. The morning of Rama’s coronation, starts with Sumantra going to Dasharatha.
Seeing Dasharatha disheveled he is surprised [ 2-14-60]. But Kaikeyi fools him by saying Dasharatha has not slept whole night due to happiness [ 2-14-62]. Please bring Rama immediately [ 2-14-63]. Sumantra goes out but is questioned by various kingly visitors for the absence of Dasharatha Sumantra goes back and calls on Dasharatha. Now Dasharatha scolds him for not obeying orders and asks why he is not bringing Rama [ 2-15-26].. This is very important as this is probably the only sentence whereby Dasharatha is expressing that he has consented to kaikeyi’s wishes.

From here Sumantra goes to the well decorated lavish palace of Rama. Valmiki describes the palace and shows how it has been lavishly built it is. He describes it in 8 slokas sample [ 2-15-32 to 40]. Why describe Rama’s palace? Because our beloved Rama is going to be thrown out in jute clothes (lilteraly sack cloth) from here While Rama and Seetha were wallowing on their preparation for anointment Sumantra comes there and he summons Rama to Dasharatha’s presence in Kaikeyi’s gynaeceum It is here that we find Rama completely at loss to predict or anticipate any problem, instead goes with high expectations. This revealed by what he says to Seetha.

He is expecting that Dasaratha and Kaikeyi are planning for coronation [ 2-16-15].
He is expecting Kaikeyi is friendly disposed to him [ 2-16-16]
They are planning for his prosperity [ 2-16-17]
He is expected to be anointed immediately as prince. [ 2-16-19]
Thus expecting everything is going to be nice they apart. [ 2-16-21]
This shows he had no inclination of the forebodings and misjudged the situation and the people. It should also be said that but for Mantara’s intervention everything would have been as per Rama’s expectations. But woman’s mind being what it is everything turns topsy-turvy.

Part of Rama….. a human character!!!

Referaence of Slokas

Sanskrit English
सुमन्त्रः करुणम् श्रुत्वा द्ऱ्ष्ट्वा दीनम् च पार्थिवम् || २-१४-६०
प्रग्ऱ्हीत अन्जलिः किंचित् तस्मात् देशात् अपाक्रमन् |
Sumantra, after seeing the depressed king and hearing mournful words, joined palms with salutation and slipped away to a distance from that place.
सुमन्त्र राजा रजनीं रामहर्षसमुत्सुकः || २-१४-६२
प्रजागरपरिश्रान्तो निद्रावशमुपेयुवान् |
“Oh Sumantra! The king, being smitten by emotional joy in relation to Rama, who tired of awakening the whole night and got subjected to sleep” Back
तद्गच्छ त्वरितं सूत राजपुत्रं यशस्विनम् || २-१४-६३
राममानय भद्रं ते नात्र कार्या विचारणा |
“Oh, Sumantra! Hence, quickly go and bring the glorious prince Rama. Blessedness to you! Do not have any hesitation in this matter. ” Back
राममानय सूतेति यदस्यभिहितो/अनया || २-१५-२६
किमिदं कारणम् येन ममाज्ञा प्रतिहन्यते |
“Why have you not followed my orders even though you were asked by her to bring Rama.” Back
महाकवाटपिहितं वितर्दिशतशोभितम् || २-१५-३२
काञ्चनप्रतिमैकाग्रं मणिविद्रुमतोरणम् |
शारदाभ्रघनप्रख्यं दीप्तं मेरुगुहोपमम् || २-१५-३३
मणिभिर्वरमाल्यानां सुमहद्भिरलंकृतम् |
मुक्तामणिभिराकीर्णं चन्धनागुरुभूषितम् || २-१५-३४
गन्धान्मनोज्ञान् विसृजद्धार्दुरं शिखरं यथा |
सारसैश्च मयूरैश्च विनदद्भिर्विराजितम् || २-१५-३५
सुकृतेहामृगाकीर्णं सुकीर्णं भक्तिभिस्तथा |
मन्श्चक्षुश्च भूतानामाददत्तिग्मतेजसा || २-१५-३६
चन्द्रभास्करसंकाशम् कुबेरभवनोपमम् |
महेन्द्रधामप्रतिमं नानापक्षिसमाकुलम् || २-१५-३७
मेरुशृङ्गसमम् सूतो रामवेश्म ददर्श ह |
उपस्थितैः समाकीर्णम् जनैरञ्जलिकारिभिः || २-१५-३८
उपादाय समाक्रान्तैस्तथा जानपदैर्जनैः |
रामाभिषेकसुमुखैरुन्मुखैः समलम्कृतम् || २-१५-३९
महामेघसमप्रख्यमुदग्रं सुविभूषितम् |
नानारत्नसमाकीर्णं कुब्जकैरातकावृतम् || २-१५-४०

Rama’s palace was beautiful with large doors and adorned with hundreds of raised quadrangular seats. There were festooned decorations over doorways with gems and corals. It was adorned with various precious stones and the best of garlands. Pearls were scattered all over abundantly. It was decorated with sandal and aloe woods, spreading out beautiful smells like the peak of a Darddura Mountain. Cranes and peacocks were singing sweetly. Figures of wolves and other art forms were sculptured here and there. It was attracting the eyes and minds of living beings by its brilliance. It was shining like a constellation of moon and the sun. It was full of various kinds of birds. It was as high as Meru mountain. Sumantra saw such a palace of Rama. People who came from different rural parts to see Rama’s coronation were waiting with different gifts in their hands. That house decorated with various diamonds, was looking high like a great cloud. Hunch backed servants and servants of kirata tribe were moving all over the house. Back
देवि देवः च देवी च समागम्य मद् अन्तरे |
मन्त्रेयेते ध्रुवम् किंचित् अभिषेचन सम्हितम् || २-१६-१५
“Oh Sita! The king and the queen together are thinking of something about me, relating to coronation. It is certain.” Back
लक्षयित्वा हि अभिप्रायम् प्रिय कामा सुदक्षिणा |
संचोदयति राजानम् मद् अर्थम् मदिर ईक्षणा || २-१६-१६
“Then black-eyed Kaikeyi who is dexterous and friendly disposed, has perceived the king’s opinion and is inciting him for my sake” Back
सा प्रहृष्टा महाराजम् हितकामानुवर्तिनी |
जननी चार्थकामा मे केकयाधिपतेस्सुता || २-१६-१७
“Kaikeyi, my mother is following the king’s intentions with great pleasure, desirous of my benefit and prosperity” Back
यादृशी परिषत् तत्र तादृशो दूताअगतः |
ध्रुवम् अद्य एव माम् राजा यौवराज्ये अभिषेक्ष्यति || २-१६-१९
“A worthy messenger has come who is truly representing the assembly there. It is certain that today itself the king will anoint me for the right of succession to kingdom”. Back
पति सम्मानिता सीता भर्तारम् असित ईक्षणा |
आद्वारम् अनुवव्राज मन्गलानि अभिदध्युषी || २-१६-२१
Sita, treated with respect by her husband and having black eyes, followed her husband up to the door, thinking of auspicious things in her mind. Back

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