Rama Misjudges (2)

Deciding to go to Forest as required Rama bequests wealth to Brahmins, and instructs Lakshmana duly[2-32-22]. Lakshmana follows the instructions [ 2-32-23]. Then he distributes his wealth to Brahmins [ 2-32-28]. At that time a very poor brahmin named Trijata instructed by his wife, comes to Rama. On his request Rama sets him the task of throwing his staff and says all cows within the reach of his staff will belong to him [ 2-32-35]. The excited brahmin uses all his strength and throws the staff with full strength [ 2-32-36]. The staff went very far covering many thousands of cows [ 2-32-37]. Rama was surprised and said that he did it just in jest [ 2-32-39]. Then apologetically offers his as much as he wants he can take [ 2-32-40]. The brahmin of course goes satisfied with the numbers he had earned by throwing the staff, and blesses Rama. This action of Rama misjudging the Brahmin’s strength and putting him to test is inexplicable as it was not in good spirit.                                           
Part of Rama….. a human haracter!!!

Referaence of Slokas

Sanskrit English
अम्बा यथा च सा नन्देत्कौसल्या मम दक्षिणाम् | तथा द्विजातीम् स्तान्सर्वान् लक्ष्मणार्च
|| २-३२-२२
“Honour all those brahmanas in every way, so that my mother Kausalya will feel happy
to see my gifts.” Back
ततः स पुरुष व्याघ्रः तत् धनम् लक्ष्मणः स्वयम् | यथा उक्तम् ब्राह्मण इन्द्राणाम्
अददात् धनदो यथा || २-३२-२३
Then, Lakshmana the tiger among men himself gave that wealth, like Kubera, to the
best of brahmanas as instructed.Back
ततः स पुरुष व्याघ्रः तत् धनम् सह लक्ष्मणः | द्विजेभ्यो बाल वृद्धेभ्यः कृपणेभ्यो
अभ्यदापयत् || २-३२-२८
Rama, the tiger among men, along with Lakshmana then caused that wealth to be distributed
among the brahmanas, the children, the old-aged and the pitiable. Back
तमुवाच ततो रामः परिहाससमन्वितम् | गवाम् सहस्रमप्येकम् न च विश्राणितम् मया | परिक्षिपसि
दण्डेन यावत्तावदवाप्य्ससि || २-३२-३५
Thereupon, Rama replied jestingly to him as follows: ” By me, even one thousand
cows were not given away so far. You will get as many cows to such an extent as
you will throw this staff.” Back
स शाटीम् त्वरितः कट्याम् सम्ब्रान्तः परिवेष्ट्य ताम् | आविद्ध्य दण्डम् चिक्षेप सर्वप्राणेन
वेगितः || २-३२-३६
Winding his loin cloth round his waist hurrily and twirling his staff, he swiftly
threw it with all his strength, excited as he was.
स तीर्त्वा सरयूपारम् दण्डस्तस्य कराच्च्युतः | गोव्रजे बहुसाहास्रे पपातोक्षणसन्निधौ
|| २-३२-३७
Flying away from his hand and crossing across the Sarayu river, that staff fell
close to a bull amidst a flock of cows numbering in several thousands.Back
उवाच च ततो रामस्तम् गार्ग्यमभिसान्त्वयन् | मन्युर्न खलु कर्तव्यः परिहासो ह्ययम्
मम || २-३२-३९
Thereupon, Rama pacifyingly spoke to that son of Gargi as follows: “You need not
express your contempt, for this was only a jest indulged in by me.” Back
इदम् हि तेजस्तव यद्धुरत्ययम् | तदेव जिज्ञासितु मिच्छता मया | इमम् भवानर्थमभिप्रचोदितो
| वृणीष्व किंचेदपरम् व्यवस्यति || २-३२-४०
“I only desired to know your strength, which is unfathomable and hence this trial
for you. If you desire any other thing, opt for it.”

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