Rama Cries (4) Sensitive to others But……

This is an adjunct to Rama Crying (3)……..Humane to his enemies.

Once Rama reaches the forest and spends the night there. He expects the Dasaratha to spend sleepless night and Kaikeyi to be having good time.[ 2-53-06]. He expects Dasaratha to be in the clutches of Kaikeyi and rues he is of no help to him.[ 2-53-08]. He Envies his brother Bharata, who will be enjoying the kingdom [ 2-53-12]. He expects Kaikeyi to persecute Kausalya and Sumitra [ 2-53-15]. Then he gets carried away in his ramblings and asks Lakshmana to return to defend their mothers [ 2-53-16]. He curses himself for giving perpetual grief to his mother [ 2-53-21]. Please refer to Kausalya ranting where She Kausalya has already told he is a no good son. He feels the Myna in Kausalya’s house is more affectionate to Kausalya.

Thus he wailed(विलप्य) continuously during the night[ 2-53-27]. Lakshmana asks Rama not to wail as he is causing distress to Seetha and him [ 2-53-30]. .

This crying shows though Rama is determined to follow Dharma he is not an insensitive person.
He Compares himself poorly even with a bird. He is aware of
the sorrow that he has caused to his mother and others.

Part of Rama….. a human character!!!

Referaence of Slokas

Sanskrit English
ध्रुवम् अद्य महा राजो दुह्खम् स्वपिति लक्ष्मण |
कृत कामा तु कैकेयी तुष्टा भवितुम् अर्हति || २-५३-६
“Assuredly the emperor is sleeping badly tonight, while Kaikeyi, having realized her ambitions, ought to feel satisfied.”
अनाथः चैव वृद्धः च मया चैव विनाकृतः |
किम् करिष्यति काम आत्मा कैकेय्या वशम् आगतः || २-५३-८
“Aged and (therefore) helpless, deprived of my presence, what will he do, dominated as he is by his passion for Kaikeyi and who has fallen into the clutches of Kaikeyi.” Back
स हि सर्वस्य राज्यस्य मुखम् एकम् भविष्यति |
ताते च वयसा अतीते मयि च अरण्यम् आश्रिते || २-५३-१२
“Father is superannuated. I am staying in the forest. Bharata will become the prime head for the entire kingdom.” Back
अपि इदानीम् न कैकेयी सौभाग्य मद मोहिता |
कौसल्याम् च सुमित्राम् च सम्प्रबाधेत मत् कृते || २-५३-१५|
“Blinded by pride of good fortune, Kaikeyi may even now persecute Kausalya and Sumitra because of their relationship with me.” Back
मा स्म मत् कारणात् देवी सुमित्रा दुह्खम् आवसेत् |
अयोध्याम् इतएव त्वम् काले प्रविश लक्ष्मण || २-५३-१६
“Queen Sumitra is likely to suffer hardship because of her affinity to us. From this very place, you proceed to Ayodhya next morning, oh, Lakshmana!” Back
मा स्म सीमन्तिनी काचिज् जनयेत् पुत्रम् ईदृशम् |
सौमित्रे यो अहम् अम्बाया दद्मि शोकम् अनन्तकम् || २-५३-२१
“Let no woman ever give birth to such a son as myself, who have caused perpetual grief to my mother, oh, Lakshmana!” Back
एतत् अन्यच् च करुणम् विलप्य विजने बहु |
अश्रु पूर्ण मुखो रामः निशि तूष्णीम् उपाविशत् || २-५३-२७
Rama during the night in that lonely forest, wailed piteously thus and in so many other ways and sat quite, his face full of tears. Back
न एतत् औपयिकम् राम यद् इदम् परितप्यसे |
विषादयसि सीताम् च माम् चैव पुरुष ऋषभ || २-५३-३०
“It is not proper, oh Rama, that you should grieve in this way. You cause distress to Sita and me too, oh jewel among men!” Back

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