Duty of God or …..King??

This is an adjunct to Rama Crying (1)……सुग्रीवम् शरणम्

न च हन्यात् स्तलारुढं नीबं न कत अन्जलिं न मुकेशं न असीनं न तव अस्मि इति वादिनम्: 7.91

There are 2 schools of thoughts among the Vaishavaites (Those who think Vishnu as the supreme). The difference was in whether we have to offer ourselves to God or God on his own accord will save us.Srirangam Acharyas, taking many of the words of the Azhvars and the stotra literature to heart, emphasized the greatness and overwhelming grace of the Lord to “save His own”, and therefore spoke more of the *attitude* than the act. The Srirangam acharyas felt that *performing an act* of surrender was an act of self-exertion, which was not in line with the individual soul’s svaroopa as being completely dependent on the Lord. Furthermore, they felt that such an *act* was ‘amaryaada’, i.e., was disrespectful, since (i) the soul was offering itself when it in actuality eternally belonged to the Paramaatma, and (ii) not even the physical act of surrendering can force the Lord to save the soul. He saves the soul on His own initiative; rest assured that He *will* save you. (For more http://sriramanujar.tripod.com/tVsv.html)
In Ramayana the sloka सकृद् एव प्रपन्नाय तव अस्मि इति च याचते ||६-१८-३३
अभयम् सर्व भूतेभ्यो ददामि एतद् व्रतम् मम
| is quoted to say that we have to reach to god before he helps us.
This is extending the one word (अस्मि इति)beyond recognition because what Rama quoted is from Manusmriti sloka No 91 of chapter 7.(see above)This is every kings duty not only of Rama or for that matter God.


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