Misjudge (4)……..Disastrous

This is an adjunct to Rama misjudges (3)……. and corrected

This is disastrous misjudgment by any standards. Even by Human standards let alone as God. Inspite of clear warning from Lakshmana (For more Seetha Defiled)that the deer is Maareecha the demon, Rama sets forth to capture it alive. How long would anybody chase this imaginary Golden deer. Well let us calculate.
After Maareecha is shot by Rama Maareecha shouts “ ha Lakshmana Ha seethe”. This is herd by Seetha and Lakshmana in Aranya kanda sarga #44.
Now Seetha persuades Lakshmana to go to Rama’s help. Lakshmana tries to convince Seetha that this is just demonic trick. The arguments run for minimum 30 minutes and Lakshmana goes.
Ravavan can enter at best after 15 minutes.
Then Ravana and Seetha dialoge runs for 3 sargas clear 1 hr. at least.
Then Ravana abducts Seetha for 15 minutes.
Jatayu confronts Ravana Sarga # 50. Atleast 1 hr. as it is a furious fight.
Then Ravana carries her off.
Rama meets Jatayu atleast after 30 minutes.
So in all 3and 1/2 Hrs minimum for Rama to return to hermitage.
So he has ran behind Deer for atleast 3 hrs. No
The deer did not run in straight line. It paused and tempted Rama to keep trying. Hence he should have gone at least for 5 Hrs.
So chasing a deer for minimum 5Hrs after getting a warning that it is Maareecha is unbelievably bad judgment for which Rama pays very dearly.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pi Laminar
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 21:08:07

    I don’t expert someone like you who is so critical and scholar like you to write a fragile article . This article may be good for commoner but certainly fragile for a scholar like you .


  2. mghariharan
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 22:58:15

    I agree with everything you have written there the point is 5 Hrs of chasing after a clear warning. Definitely not acceptable. he should have shot arrow much earlier.
    Much nearer to the hermitage.


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