Karma theory…… case study(1)…Ramayana

This is an adjunct to Is my Fate and Destiny Same? ….No says MKS
Contributed by M K Subramanian

Once when Dsharatha was young he went on an hunting expedition.He heard at a distance, some sound resembling elephants taking bath. Hehad the ability to aim at the source of sound,and could correctly hit the target. HE SHOT THE ARROW. Alas! The shaft fatally injured a young man, Shrawan Kumar, who was trying to fill a pitcher with water. Dhasharatha’s guess went wrong. Kumar’s both parents were blind and he was trying to carry water to quench their thirst. [He was, actually, on a pilgrimage, carrying his parents in an improvised palanquin].
Inadvertently, he had committed a blunder, a homicide. Kumar’s parents, when they came to know the truth, cursed Dhasharatha, in a rage… “You too will suffer the pang of separation from your offspring and die, pathetically, seeking their reunion…”
Although Dhasharatha felt bad and tried to console them, he looked helpless when they insisted on entering the funeral pyre lit for their son. So, he cremated them also.
Dhasharatha was young, then. He had no progeny. So he must have mused…”I do not know whether the curse will come true or not. Even if it did, when, how and under what circumstances cannot be forecast. So, why worry?”
Gradually, the event was forgotten and the curse swept into oblivion.
That heinous action and the curse resulting from it fructified at the wrong time when he least expected… He could not bear separation, when Rama left on exile … Apparently, he had not even confided to his wife

Kausalya of the dastardly act committed by him, earlier…But the ‘Karma’ worked its way through… as always! He narrated to Kausalya, the entire incident, just before his death. He had to pay the price…at last! Died seperated from all his 4 sons.
“Justice may be delayed, but not denied”. Tolstoy titled a similar story…”God sees the truth, but waits…”

This is a series of Articles on Hindu karma Theory by M K Subramanian. Refer [1][2][UR Here][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


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