Karma theory(3)…… Bhagavatham

This is an adjunct to Karma theory…… case study(2)…Vishwamitra

From ‘Bhagavata Mahatmya’ in Padma Purana
Atma Deva married to Dhundully, lived together, for long years. They didn’t have children. Atma Deva longed for progeny. Disgusted with life he left for forest.
In the forest he met a saint. Promptly, he fell at his feet he specifically asked for a boon to beget a son.The saint “By my divine powers I can see… you will not have a child for next 7 births.”
Atma Deva could not bear this prophesy. He took hold of the feet of the saint and compelled him to bless for offspring.
Saint said, “All right”. He plucked a fruit from a nearby plant and said, “Give this to your wife. She will conceive and you will have a child.” [Thus ‘external force’ as stated in first law of motion was triggered.]

When Atma Deva reached home, asked her to eat that fruit. Dhundully imagined all the discomforts relating to pregnancy and child rearing. These inconvenient thoughts dissuaded her from consuming this fruit. She, stealthily, fed her cow with the fruit. The cow conceived and delivered a human child with ears resembling that of a cow! He was called GOKARNA and Atma Deva fondled him and brought him up as his own son. The boy grew as an upright, intelligent boy.
The stealthy act of Dhundully was not known to Atma Deva. She feigned pregnancy before him and made up, dressed appropriately. Atma Deva felt his child would be born soon. Dhundully had also worked out another strategy. Her sister was pregnant at the same time. She promised to adopt the sister’s child after the delivery, in exchange for money. Her sister delivered a male child approximately same time when Gokarna was born. He was named Dhundhukari. Dhundully could not feed him breast milk, naturally, and so the infant boy was left in sister’s care, periodically. This boy grew up as a notorious criminal. He would drink, commit thefts and murder and do all atrocities. He would beat parents for money and do most cruel things. Atma Deva bore to tears all insults because he was his own son (or so he believed). Gokarna counseled Atma Deva. One day he said, “Give up all this attachment to your son and family and take up life of a recluse in the forest. There, think and contemplate on Lord Krishna as a child. He is everyone’s child. Love Him and attain salvation.” Atma Deva did just that. He studied 10th Skanda of Bhagavata, repeatedly. In this holy book childhood sports of Lord Krishna are recounted. Atma Deva, later, attained eternal beatitude.
This was exactly what the saint had advised him in the first place
This is a series of Articles on Hindu karma Theory by M K Subramanian. Refer [1][2][3][4][UR Here][6][7][8][9][10]


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  1. M H Gopalakrishnan
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 23:14:33

    I quote both Rajaji and Toyanbe Both agree with this theory but they qualify “Man is not generally willing to surrender his belief in the supramacy of effect of his actions to an invisible Power or God”


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