Knowledge Transfer………Ekalavya Story!!

H indu philosophy understood the value of Knowledge very early. The main concept of Shankara’s philosophy is ज्ञानमार्गा (The path to god through Knowledge). He also rejected all paths through action. All actions are finite and result in finite rewards. Good actions will result in finite good rewards. Bad actions will result in finite Bad rewards. So infinity cannot be achieved through any action, neither good nor bad. Actions are Binding. And will not remove our bondage. But Knowledge is both finite and infinite. By reading this post something finite is being added to your brain and also knowledge itself is infinite. But no proper study and practice has been defined to achieve godhood through ज्ञानमार्गा (Gyanamarga).
Let us look at our schools. When we study up to high school we come across minimum 50 teachers in 10 years. We also see Topper always tops in class, whosoever may be the teacher; and one who fails, fails immaterial of who teaches. So what is a teachers role in class. We see generally that teacher concentrates on what he is teaching and lives it to students to understand and grasp. But students concentrate on teacher and criticizes him for their failure. The actual practice should be the teacher should concentrate on the students and see their responses and also make the class lively by discussions etc. and the students should concentrate on the subject and try to understand what is being taught instead of watching the teacher.
Hinduism being religion which grasps infinity better than most religion came out with Ekalavya story. First the story
Ekalavya was of a low cast but wanted mastery in Archery. He approached Dronacharya for learning. Dronacharya rejected him as he was teaching for both Pandavas and Kauravas who were of Royal blood. Ekalavya did not dither. He created a stone statue of Dronacharya and learned archery. One day as the royal procession consisting of Dronacharya and his students came in the forest. They were being escorted by Dogs. And one of the dog was barking incessantly. Ekalavya who was practicing archery got disturbed and he shoot a bunch of arrows in the direction of sound and the arrows closed the mouth of the dog. Both Dronacharya and his students were stunned to see somebody not in the vicinity shooting arrows to close the mouth of dog. When Dronacharya neared Ekalavya he asked him who taught him such good technique. Ekalavya humbly said “you sir” and showed the statue of Dronacharya. Dronacharya immediately asked him “then you owe me a guru dakshina (गुरुदक्षिणा-Teachers fee)”. Ekalavya agreed and Dronacharya asked for the right hand thumb finger because without it he cannot aim and shoot properly. Ekalavya readily cut his finger and gave it to his guru. This showed that Ekalavya had infinite respect to his guru and best example of infinity is divided by zero. He gave his finger inspite of the fact the he has lost everything he learned.
This is the best way of showing that we should respect our guru immaterial of what he knows. That is why a topper tops in class and you will never find him insulting his teacher it is not coincidence that he is also happens to be the teachers pet.

Conclusion. Next time your son scores poorly in exam, ask him the reason if he says “I Goofed” he is Ekalavya on the make. If he gives a reason external to himself for poor performance you should tell him this story.
With plenty of Help from M K Subramanian


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 01:16:34

    I think it is one of the 4 things about eklavya which made him do what he did:
    1. Eklavya was too enamoured by Drona that he would do anything for him
    2. He wanted to hurt Drona by making him regret his wish, by immediately complying with his wish
    3. He probably felt intimidated by the goings on and felt that he had to give his thumb
    4. He is a follower of Jnana yoga, where only the knowledge was important to him and nothing else

    Regarding Drona, I can only think that he is an average egoistic teacher, who couldn’t bear the fact that a student has disobeyed him, and also he wanted to please the princes and the kings to be in their good books…or what ever like it


    • mghariharan
      Oct 06, 2011 @ 09:22:55

      You are carried away by perception not told in the story.
      Point 1 is correct.
      Point 2 3 and are wrong. because You are assuming knowledge is for some purpose such as making money living etc. This is not Correct. Brahmins who are supposed to acquire knowledge are supposed to live by begging. They can teach to students who want and ask him to otherwise he he has to pursue knowledge till infinity. The story is guidance for that. Stephen Hawkins is not pursuing knowledge for living.
      Yes your point 4 is exactly correct.
      Comments about Drona are unwarranted No teacher should be insulted Your knowledge flow stops. A student has to have infinite faith in Teacher There are many stories for that. A teacher can stop teaching for his own reasons There is no compulsion on him to teach.Please read Manusmriti. These confusions arise because knowledge has its own way of transposing. See also meme machine
      Thanks for your comment


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