BJP_RSS as Vikram and Vetal

This is an adjunct to BJP……..Muddle
What I told on 5th. May has now come true. The Reddy case has become an embarrassement to Shushma, Jitley, BJP. Under the shadow of Anna, Congress has shot down the BJP in South. Now Yediyurappa is ruing that under the promise that Sheila and even Manmohan will have to resign, he was forced out by his own party. Whoes foolishness is this.
This ia a big game that Congress is playing. they are encouraging RSS to take over BJP under the pretext that there is nobody in BJP to become PM. RSS has fallen flat for it and when BJP was attacking Congress for its china policy, RSS was supporting congress. They (RSS) denigrated all BJP stalvarts .> Called Advani ‘rancid Pickle’. Sidlined Shourie. Insulted and took back Jaswant singh. Sidelined Yashvant Sinha. Brought inexperienced Gadkhari. rubbed in people like Munda. Now all these people have become pro-congress. and are making remarks dictated by Congress. The RSS people are now on the back of BJP like Vetal on Vikram. By 2014 it will all be disastrous. And even before, UP election will put the last nail on BJP. After that if anybody opens his mouth he will have to hang like Vetal


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