Download Manusmrti English

Please down load and Read Manusmriti. It is verbatim translation in English. There are many things that are highly relevant for Today’s world.
Relevance of Manusmriti Today Many people in India are against caste system. It seems to be highly decadent and totally irrelevant today. Many dalits have down cast the Manusmriti by calling it Manuvadi as if Manusmriti is the cause of their sub servant living for so many generations. This is not correct. Basically Brahmins are supposed to go for Theoretical studies and Kshatriyas are supposed to take care of the Kingdom and Vysyas are supposed to do business and bring prosperity to country. Shudras are supposed to improve Technology and Engineering. Even today these sections all prosper in their own trade and have developed core competency to learn and assimilate their subjects. There is no higher or lower status in any religion. For example Brahmins are supposed to live only by begging. There are even limitations to begging. Kings are supposed to support and respect Brahmins. Even today those involved in theoretical studies like say Stephen Hawkins etc. are supported by Govt. agencies. (See more….)
Why it will become more relevant . The society cannot be built without a BASIS. Present type of society is built on high consumption which is beneficial to Capitalist society. But this was acceptable when the white men were looting the whole world and bringing resources to be enjoyed by few. But in today’s world there are no resource available for entire planet. India’s 120 Crores cannot be given what a few white people in Europe are enjoying. To some extent Technology will alleviate this shortage but still there will be shortage. Too much of individual freedom without any responsibility is being projected and the media propaganda is harping on no responsibility for Citizens. This will result in more London type arsons where anarchist are not a few people but entire society.

Relevance of Manusmriti to Ramayana
Relevance of many slokas have already been covered in this blog such as Valivadh, Vibhishana sharanagadhi etc. Many more references have been added in this Manusmriti and linked to Ramayana. It will transpire that Ramayana is just a case study of many edicts as in Manusmriti. Rama is a Dharma upasaka (follower of Dharma).If so what is Dharma that he follows? It will transpire that Manusmriti lines are quoted and Ramayana story is written to elucidate the value of Dharma as enunciated in Manusmriti.


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