Karma theory reviewed(2)..Dasharatha

MKS says…..:Aged Dhasharatha knew, a descendent in the family was eluding. He would not accept the reality. He propitiated Gods to ensure that he (somehow) begot children. But did he experience pleasant parenthood? Valmiki Ramayana is silent on the subject. No shloka alludes to it. Ultimately, by irony of fate, the son becomes the (indirect) cause of his death. None of the sons were present, beside him, when he breathed his last!

MGH Comments: As this is on Ramayana let us delve a little deeper.In bala-kanda Rama is born in 18th Sarga. No delay Vishwamitra comes in 19th. Sarga. So childhood of Rama is not covered. Then he is with Vishwamitra. He kills tadaka and hunts marreecha,Then Breaks the shiva bow in67th. Sarga.dasharatha comes in 69th. Sarga. Seetha marries in 73rd. Sarga. Balakanda ends in 76th. Sarga. When AYodya kanda starts it is all downhill for Dasharata. So absolutely there is nothing of rama in the entire Balakanda.My theory is the entire Balakanda has been added later. Otherwise why should Ayodyakanda start with saga 1 detailing Rama’s character in Detail.

No wonder Rama curses his father as sensuous person and bemoans that a good son like him has been sent to Forest. Why this anomoly. This is to show that even though rama does not agree with his father and is not in good link with kaikeyi he performs his duty in letter and spirit. In fact through out Ramayana all his near and dear ones are suffering because of relentless pursuit of Dharma by Rama. Be it his father who died or stepmothers or his mother or his wife or his brothers. The path to Drama is strewn with thorns.

This is a series of Articles on Hindu karma Theory by M K Subramanian. Refer [1][2][3][4][5][6][UR Here][8][9][10]


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