12 Questions on Hindu shradham

Contributed by M H Gopalakrishnan

M any people find it difficult to do the ancient death rites which are laborious and involves complicated strictures. Mainly the Ladies find it very difficult to cook and get everything ready. They are restricted from taking help. So what to do. Many people land up questioning the whole thing as nonsense and meaningless. The trouble is there are none to answer. Finally somebody comes says feed the hungry poor instead of these Brahmins. This seems to be logical See what Manusmriti says about this.
3.139 यस्य मित्रप्रधानानि श्रध्दानि च हवीं षि च |तस्य प्रेत्य फलं न अस्ति शध्दे षु च हविः षु च ||
3.139. He who performs funeral sacrifices and offerings to the gods chiefly for the sake of (gaining) friends,reaps after death no reward for Sraddhas and sacrifices
3.140 यः संगतानि कुरुते मोहात् श्राध्दे न मानवः |स svargacस्वर्गा च् च्यवते लोकात् शरद श्राध्द मित्रो द्विजाधमः ||
3.140. That meanest among twice-born men who in his folly contracts friendships through a funeral sacrifice,loses heaven, because he performed a Sraddha for the sake of friendship
3.141 संभोजानि साभिहिता पैशची दक्षिणा द्विजैः | इहेव अस्ते तुसा लोके gou गौर् अन्धाइव एकवे श्मनि ||
3.141. A gift (of food) by twice-born men, consumed with (friends and relatives), is said to be offered to thePisakas; it remains in this (world) alone like a blind cow in one stable

So if you don’t believe don’t do anything is my friendly advice else follow it meticulously to the best of your ability


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