Killing of Awlaki…..Mora(law)lity?!!

A wlaki’s killing has raised following questions. This is exactly like Killing Bin Laden but the problem is Awlaki is American. Laden is not.
The questions are.
1.Can an American be killed without trial
2.Does the president have the right to pass death sentence. Problem here is only Judiciary can punish and Obama is an executive head. He needs judicial support or injunction to execute Awlaki.
3. Awalki was away from the stage if war (Afghanistan) He was in yamen. So war time law may not be applicable.
4. Previous Supreme court decision that when a car speeds the police can shoot as protection to civilians and kill the driver has been quoted.
5. The person who killed awlaki is not a soldier but Drone oprator who is a civilian
But in the end it is all confusion.
Let us see what Manu says and how we are deviating .
King is a god. He is special creation. He and he alone can kill an aatatayee (despot or terrorist- Refer). It is his fundamental duty to eliminate an aatataaye. He should eliminate him without forthought overtly or covertly(refer).
So by deviating from Manusmriti under the pretext of individual freedom we have the whole society of aatatayees Civil liberty enthusiasts. who blame blindly Manmohan Singh (or Obama) for everything dont give him the right to act and we have arsonists (Naxalights, terrorists,) dismantling railway lines hjacking civilian planes – killing you and me. We ofcourse do not have protectors or rights (probably we are not individuals so no individual rights.).


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