35 Q&A on Hindu Dharma

The entire Vedas are condensed and put in Manusmriti as Dos and Donts. The Manusmriti has again 2684 Slokas.
To get a hang of it you could download (from) and see the Index. Another idea of What exactly is Hindu Dharma is told in Mahabharata. Yaksha (yama himself- Dharma Raja ‘King of Dharma’) asks 35 questions and Yudhishtra who answers all the questions and thereby we can get a good idea of How a Hindu is suppoed to Live. Many of these concepts are ingrained in our culture but enunciation and understanding of it goes a long way in improving our way of life.
Some of the concepts that stand out from present day practices is there is no God (Read Atheistic Religion). Only Dharma for efficient individual enlightenment and efficient Society upgradation. (More In Dharma Page….).


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